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Grand County Utah Ranches For Sale
By Harrigan Land Company

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  • Population estimate, 2007: 9,023, 2.4 persons/sq. mi.
  • Square miles: 3694
  • Approximate driving time from Salt Lake City: 4 hours
  • Commercial Airport: Grand Junction Regional Airport in Grand Junction, 2 hours, General Aviation Canyonlands Field at Moab
  • Ski Areas: None, Telluride, Colorado 3 hours away
  • Major Communities: Moab (4800)
  • Elevations: 4000 to 12,000 feet
  • Major streams: Colorado River, Green River
  • Average ranch/farm size: 561 acres (NAICS, 2002) vs. Utah average 768 acres
  • Pros: Spectacular desert/mountain scenery, mild climate
  • Cons: Arid, remote, limited fishing opportunities
The high La Sals stand in sharp contrast to colorful deserts in Grand County
The scenery of Grand County is among the most spectacular in the United States. From its redrock deserts at 4000 feet to alpine tundra above 12,000 feet, Grand County offers more geographical variety than any other county in Utah. The arid Book Cliffs in the north are primarily public land and seldom visited except by hunters in search of mule deer. Much of the county's lowland is shortgrass desert and slickrock, except for the oasis along the Colorado River near Moab. Arches National Park is a major tourist attraction just outside of Moab. Southeast of Moab, the La Sal Mountains rise abruptly to over 12,000 feet, and support forests of aspen, spruce and fir and herds of mule deer and elk. Public land, both Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service, is abundant in Grand County.

Farming and ranching have always been a challenge in arid Grand County. Most homesteaders settled immediately adjacent to the Colorado River in the 1880s, or in the foothills of the La Sal Mountains, where small tributaries provided a source of permanent water. Today, farming and ranching are relatively small components of the economy, with recreation-based tourism occupying the lion's share. Mountain biking and four-wheeling are extremely popular. Some agricultural properties are being subdivided, and "ranchettes" are more common than large parcels in the immediate vicinity of Moab. Some nice hunting properties still exist, though, especially in the foothills of the La Sals.   

Hunting: Most of the big game hunting opportunities in Grand County exist in the eastern and northern portions. Mule deer inhabit the rugged Book Cliffs area as well as the La Sal foothills. Elk live in the higher reaches of the La Sals and range to the Colorado border to the east. Mountain lions live in many of the rugged canyon areas, and black bears can be found in the La Sals. In the low country near the Colorado River, look for gamebirds such as pheasant and chukar.

Fishing: Trout fishing in Grand County exists primarily in the La Sal Mountains. Mill Creek supports a trout population, and is a good small stream fishery. Other La Sal streams support trout as well, including native Colorado River Cutthroat Trout, but most of these streams are of the "step-across" variety. Several small lakes dot the La Sals, and are popular public fisheries. The Colorado and Green Rivers are home to catfish in Grand County.

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Ranch Locales by County
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