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Colorado Ranches For Sale in the Flattops Wilderness Area

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Our family has been fortunate to own Colorado ranch property for the past 20 years that adjoins the Beaver Flattops mountain range in northwest Colorado. This Colorado ranch allows us to hunt, fish, horseback, snowshoe, hike and snowmobile this beautiful and diverse part of Colorado.  The Beaver Flattops are located roughly 45 miles southwest of Steamboat Springs, and sit along the northern flanks of the Flattops Wilderness Area, 15 miles north of Trappers Lake.

This area of Colorado mountain land is located in Big Game Unit 12, which over the past 20 years has been one of the most successful elk harvest units in Colorado.  Ranches for sale adjoining the Beaver Flattops, such as the Beaver Valley Ranch and Beaver Flattops Ranch, control most of the access to this large flattop mountain and the adjoining Routt National Forest and Flattops Wilderness. The seclusion of these Colorado properties from public hunting pressure allows the landowners to routinely achieve 100% success rates for both elk and mule deer hunts.

The topography and terrain of the Beaver Flattops range is breathtaking. Vast areas of lush meadows, aspen forests, dark timber stands, and alpine lakes, seem endless and afford spectacular views of the Flattop Wilderness Area to the South.  Our experience while hiking or riding this remote area of Colorado on horseback is that it’s very unusual to see any other person, other than an occasion sheep herder.  Access to this road-less area of the Routt National Forest is limited to a few trails, all of which are located miles from this flattop mountain.

If you’re looking for beauty, limited public access, great elk hunting, world class flyfishing, and a true four season recreational ranch for sale, it will be hard to find any other ranches that will match up to Beaver Valley Ranch and Beaver Flattops Ranch.  For a preview of these spectacular Colorado ranches for sale, please contact Harrigan Land Company of visit our website at www.harriganland.com.

Check out videos of these outstanding Colorado ranch listings below:

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