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Fremont County Wyoming Ranches and Land

Fremont County Wyoming Ranches and Land

Fremont County spans total area of 9,266 square miles. As one of the largest counties in the Rocky Mountain states, Fremont County offers lots of room for big Wyoming ranches and public lands. These encourage horseback riding, cattle operations, and plenty of mountain recreation. The Oregon Trail goes through the southern end of Fremont County. To the northwest is Dubois, a gateway to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.Fremont County Wyoming Ranches and Land

Fremont County is home to over 40,000 residents. Riverton is the largest city and location of Central Wyoming College. It is the economic hub of the region. Lander is the county seat. Notable communities include Dubois, Hudson, Pavillion, and Shoshoni and there are 20 more towns.

Geography and Terrain

Fremont County is the main transportation corridor between South Pass and the Wind River Basin. There are several interesting geographical areas within its borders. Canyons, mountain peaks, hot springs at Thermopolis among them. The western edge of the county follows the Continental Divide at the crest of the Wind River Range, an area known for its wilderness areas and the largest glaciers in the American Rocky Mountains.

Geography Around Wyoming Ranches in Fremont County

Elevations and climate vary. There is desert at Boysen State Park and then glaciers at the 13,804-foot Gannett Peak, the highest point in all of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Three national protected areas come into Fremont County: Bridger National Forest, Shoshone National Forest, and Teton National Forest.

Red Canyon formed during the uplift of the Wind River Range 60 million years ago, which exposed sedimentary rocks eroded by streams. Oxidized iron deposits in the rocks give the canyon its name. The canyon floor is a National Natural Landmark. Red Canyon Creek drains the canyon and feeds into the Little Popo Agie River at the northern end. On the Continental Divide, Jackson Peak reaches 13,523 feet. Bull Lake Glacier is north and east of Jackson Peak. Phosphoria Formation from the Permian Period and the Chugwater Formation from the Triassic Period add to the geological formations in the area.

History of Fremont County Wyoming

Fremont County was founded in 1884 by the legislature of Wyoming Territory with land ceded by Sweetwater County. It was named for John Charles Frémont, an explorer of the American West, United States Senator from California, and 1856 Republican presidential candidate. Three Fremont County museums tell stories of past eras:

  • Wind River Heritage Museum in Dubois, Wyoming
  • Fremont County Pioneer Museum in Lander, Wyoming
  • Riverton Museum in Riverton, Wyoming

Wind River Indian Reservation

Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes call the Wind River Indian Reservation home. They are not the first native tribes to frequent the area. Evidence supports more than 10,000 years of humans including the Shoshone and Washakie tribes while European settlers did not arrive until the 1870s. They farmed fresh fruit and grains on the floor of the canyon to feed the miners at South Pass City and Atlantic City.

Wyoming Ranch Real Estate

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