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New Mexico Hunting Ranches For Sale

American Creek Ranch New Mexico

Learn more about New Mexico elk hunting ranches for sale!

New Mexico ranches for sale offer excellent ownership opportunities for big game hunters. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) have several programs in place which compensate landowners for their habitat contributions through the issuance of landowner tags.

One of those such programs is the E-Plus program for landowner elk licenses. The goal of the E-Plus program is to recognize and reward New Mexico landowners for the management of elk and elk habitat. This is an exceptional program that I wish other mountain states would adopt, zas it benefits the landowner and wildlife alike. Under the E-Plus program, landowners are issued transferrable elk tags for use at their sole and absolute discretion. The number of tags a ranch qualifies for is determined by the landowner, local biologists, and area game wardens. These tags can then be gifted, used, or sold by the landowner at their discretion. For many landowners, the sale of these elk licenses provides a substantial amount of money that many times gets reinvested into improving wildlife habitat on the ranch. Because of the E-Plus program, New Mexico offers excellent elk hunting and lucrative ownership opportunities that benefit both ranches and wildlife alike.

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