Trophy Mountain Ranch

Walden, Colorado



  • 1,595 deeded acres with a recreational lease on 640 acres of state land
  • High fenced elk hunting offering 400”+ bulls
  • Two stocked fishing lakes & water rights to irrigate 400 acres
  • Two homes, hunting lodge, elk facilities, & shop
  • Outstanding recreational ranch, mountain retreat, &/or elk ranch

Trophy Ranch Colorado: Picture rolling grasslands that sweep up to a mountain of dark timber, broad vistas that stretch well into Wyoming and a pervasive quiet that soaks into your soul, and you’ll have a good start on visualizing Trophy Mountain Ranch north of Walden, Colorado. Now add in a few dozen magnificent 350-plus class bull elk and a couple of ponds boiling with trophy trout, and you’ll see why this ranch is the stuff of which sportsman’s dreams are made.

Trophy Mountain Ranch spreads over 1595 deeded acres only a stone’s throw from the Wyoming border in North Park, secluded twenty miles north of Walden, and eighty miles northeast of Steamboat Springs. An additional 640 acres of fully fenced State Land is leased for recreational purposes. Rocky Mountain elk are the pride and joy of Trophy Mountain Ranch, as the entire property is high-fenced and has been operated as a trophy elk hunting preserve for years. Improvements on the ranch, however, and its location adjoining many square miles of public land, can inspire a vision that includes hunting and much more.

Lying at about 8000 feet, Trophy Mountain Ranch sits at the foot of Independence Mountain on the northwest side of North Park. Natural grasslands and sagebrush dominate most of the property, but uplands with a mix of dark timber and aspen forest plus the bottomlands of Threemile Creek provide a diversity of habitat, perfect for the resident elk herd. Elk dominate within the confines of the ranch, but adjacent public land supports mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and moose.

The entire property has been carefully managed to optimize the elk herd. A strong ten-foot fence surrounds the property, and water and feeding sources have been developed to maintain the herd. Although presently zoned for commercial hunting and outfitting, new owners could either retain this use, or breach the fence to allow the free passage of wildlife.

Trophy fishing is an underutilized resource on the ranch, and could be enhanced. One main lake, Threemile Reservoir, is very deep and has a track record of producing large trout, and several smaller impoundments could be expanded to hold fish that can grow into multiple-pound calibre. Superb public fishing includes the North Platte River in Northgate Canyon, just across the valley, and the famous, trout-rich Delaney Buttes Reservoirs to the south. Water rights are excellent on the ranch, and include 7 CFS on Threemile Creek and 161 acre-feet of storage rights in two reservoirs. The water is ample to support 400 acres of hay production, which in turn can support the elk herd or cattle, or as mentioned above, developed further into trophy trout lakes.

Trophy Mountain Ranch is turn-key ready to receive guests for a topnotch experience. The 4000-square foot Lodge is completely remodeled and has seven bedrooms and four full-sized baths. A huge kitchen and dining room easily serves up to 12 persons, and a recreation room and patio with a hot tub allows for serious relaxation. In addition, the ranch features an owner’s house of 2800 square feet with five bedrooms, and a 4-bedroom manager’s house. A stock barn provides for equipment storage and a meat barn is fully equipped to process game.

Although world-class elk hunting is the current centerpiece of Trophy Mountain Ranch, it has remarkable potential as a broad-based recreational ranch, including trophy stillwater fishing, horseback riding and snowmobiling and/or ski touring in the winter months. Access to adjacent BLM and Forest Service lands are a real asset. The excellent facilities are already in place to serve clientele with a variety of interests, and are suited for corporate or family retreats as well. Those desiring to add cattle to the mix can expect the ranch to support approximately 75 cow/calf pairs with supplemental winter feeding. Year-round access is available via Jackson County Road 4, a graded gravel road.

Harrigan Land Company is partial to ranches that have a rich variety of potentials, and we know of few properties that have the potential of Trophy Mountain Ranch. If this well-maintained North Park Ranch has captured your fancy, let us know and we’d love to see if we can help craft a match between it and your dreams.

Trophy Mountain Ranch has the recreational lease on 640 acres of State Trust Land. The State Trust Land is not included in the purchase price and there is no value  associated to the lease. The assignment of the lease is not guaranteed to the purchaser and must be approved by The State Land Board.

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