Dale Creek Ranch Wyoming

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Sold - Cattle Ranch, Fly Fishing Property, Hunting Ranch, Sold Ranch
2,628 Acres
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Dale Creek Ranch Wyoming: On the Dale Creek Ranch in southeastern Wyoming, the possibilities are as rich as its creekside pastures. Trophy big game hunting, trout fishing, cattle ranching, alternative and traditional energy development and rural housing development are all possible here, in many combinations. Add in easy access to two of Wyoming’s largest cities and only an hour’s drive from the burgeoning northern Front Range communities in Colorado, and you have a Wyoming ranch worthy of serious consideration by the creative investor.

About Dale Creek Ranch Wyoming

This Wyoming ranch property consists of a solid block of 2,628 deeded acres that follows four miles of the valley of Dale Creek, a permanent stream flowing only about ten miles southeast of Laramie. Dale Creek is key to the productivity of the ranch, as it feeds lush grasslands along the creek, which benefit both cattle and big game. The ranch includes one large reservoir, irrigated and sub-irrigated creek bottom and owns rights to 130 acre/feet of water. Grassy meadows dominate the creek bottom, while the uplands are dotted with picturesque granite outcrops, sagebrush and scattered pines.

Recreational possibilities abound on this Wyoming ranch for sale. Big game hunting is excellent at Dale Creek Ranch Wyoming, due to the presence of four miles of Dale Creek. Elk, mule deer and pronghorn rely on the creek for water, thus the ranch is a magnet for large and small game from miles around. The ranch is eligible for landowner tags, and is located in Area 6, which allows for additional tags to be drawn. Development of a hunting lodge on this ranch would be an obvious enhancement.

Fishing resources on the Dale Creek Ranch include Dale Creek and one large reservoir. Although Dale Creek is small, it could be managed as a fine fishery with stream improvements, including the development of a series of trophy trout ponds along its entire length. Several species of trout could be stocked in these ponds, with the ranch’s 8000-foot elevation helping to keep the water cool during the summer months. One large reservoir is already developed on the ranch, and currently holds trout up to ten pounds.

Other recreational opportunities on or near the ranch include jeeping, hiking, mountain biking, photography and in the winter, ski touring. Downhill skiing is available only about an hour away, at the Snowy Range Ski Area. Rock climbing is very popular at , just north of the Dale Creek Ranch, and the ranch itself contains many inviting granite faces.

The Dale Creek Ranch is also an obvious candidate for rural vacation homes, especially considering the booming population of Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado, is only about an hour away. Access is excellent from both I-80 and US 287, and views of the Medicine Bow Mountains are outstanding. Portions of the ranch would be superbly situated for division into 35- to 160-acre tracts, with a Conservation Easement placed on the sensitive riparian areas.

Finally, wise energy development can occur here, even in conjunction with several of the uses mentioned above. Wind energy makes sense throughout southern Wyoming, while oil and gas potential lies beneath the surface.

Access is a huge asset at the Dale Creek Ranch. It lies only 10 minutes from Laramie to the northwest, and Cheyenne is only a few minutes further to the southeast. The Front Range city of Fort Collins is only about an hour to the south, and Denver International Airport is but two hours away.

“Abundant resources and abundant possibilities” is the phrase that sums up the Dale Creek Ranch. If you’re intrigued enough for a visit, contact Harrigan Land Company. We’d love to show you “the lay of the land” and help you become as excited about the potential of this property as we are.

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