La Sal Ranch

Moab, Utah

La Sal Ranch would make a superb base for a hunting operation, with fishing as an adjunct attraction. An exclusive recreational ranch or corporate retreat would be a great fit as well, given the array of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby.

Acres: 1878


Acres: 1878

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Utah Fishing Property?

At Harrigan Land, we know what makes a good fishing ranch and we have several Utah fishing properties that are vetted and ready to show you. However, you need to decide what you are looking for. For example, what type of fishing access do you want to have on your fishing ranch? Would you prefer a river running through the property, or do you want a ranch with access to a lake or pond? Are you planning on living on your ranch or using it simply to fish?

These are all very important considerations, especially in Utah where water rights can be a little muddy. You want to be sure the water you have access and rights to be fishing in will check every box on your Utah fishing ranch wish list without running into legal issues.

The good news is that our team has extensive experience selling property in the area, and we know how to find you the perfect fishing ranch with exactly what you want and need.

Why Own a Fishing Ranch in Utah?

The attractiveness of owning a ranch in Utah is two-fold. The first appeal, as we’ve already mentioned, is to get away from the crowds. Thousands of tourists flock to Utah every year, and although most are interested in the hikes and views that Utah’s several National Parks have to offer, many are also drawn to the clear, clean Rocky Mountain rivers that run through Eastern Utah. With your own land, you can avoid these crowds and fish at your own leisure.

The second appeal is to use those packs of tourists to your advantage. Many have probably never been fly fishing in the West before, and with your own ranch, you can run a tourist fishing operation that is sure to rake in a substantial profit during the high tourist season.

Can I Make Money with a Utah Fishing Ranch

Again, there are possibilities here, but the overall answer is yes, absolutely. The first way to make money is one we already mentioned. The business you chose to operate on the ranchland you own stands to make you a considerable amount of money in the short term.

On the other hand, owning ranchland has become a very popular form of alternative investment. Once purchased, the land you own will appreciate overtime, and when, or if, you decide to sell your land, you can sell for substantially more than you initially paid.

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