La Sal Ranch

Moab, Utah

La Sal Ranch would make a superb base for a hunting operation, with fishing as an adjunct attraction. An exclusive recreational ranch or corporate retreat would be a great fit as well, given the array of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby.

Acres: 1878


Acres: 1878

What Should I Consider When Buying a Utah Horse Ranch?

The first, and one of the most important, things to consider when looking for a Utah horse property is the type of horse operation you plan to run on your ranch.

An equestrian training ranch needs the proper infrastructure, or the space to build it, such as corrals, indoor training facilities, boarding stables, and housing for the staff that you will need to employ year-round. It will also need to be somewhat accessible to nearby towns and cities so that customers who board their horses don’t have to travel far in order to care for and train their horses.

If you’re wanting to run a trail riding business, you will still need proper space for stables and staff housing, and the location of your ranch is far more important. You will want to be near trails that are family-friendly, easily accessible, and allow horse traffic so that you can offer a full range of horse riding fun for all ages.

Why Buy A Horse Ranch in Utah?

The two top reasons to buy a horse ranch in Utah are the space that is available and the market of people that are looking to ride horses.

If there is one thing a successful horse ranch needs, it’s space, and Utah offers plenty of it. A good rule of thumb when it comes to grazing lands is to double the number of pastures per number of horses in your herd.So, if you plan to own a ranch with two herds of 2-3 horses each, you will need 4 pastures in order to account for pasture rotation. Utah is known for it’s hot, dry summers, and once a pasture is over-grazed, it’s hard to bring it back.

The other reason to consider buying a horse ranch in Utah is the hot market for a successful horse ranch. Each year, thousands of people flock to the beautiful, scenic national parks throughout Utah, and while these parks offer plenty of recreational activities, families are still looking for a fun, Western style adventure that is a fun, memorable experience for everyone.

Can I Make Money on a Utah Horse Ranch?

Yes, in fact, there are several ways to make a substantial profit by owning a Utah horse property. On one hand, the horse operation you run on your land will make you an income in the short term. Whether you board, train, ride, or just simply raise horses to sell, you can make money from the day-to-day business of your ranch.

The second opportunity is more long-term. Owning ranchland has become a popular alternative form of investment in recent years. Investors would rather invest their money in land and watch it appreciate without the risk that accompanies government owned stocks and bonds. Buy ranchland now, and when, or if, you decide to sell, it will be worth more than what you initially paid.

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