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Southern Wyoming archery elk

Southern Wyoming archery elk

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Elk Areas 5 & 6 in southern Wyoming offer tons of potential for harvesting trophy quality elk on Wyoming hunting ranches for sale. This Wyoming General Elk Areas have a lot of BLM and state land throughout its boundaries, along with the southern portion of the Medicine Bow National Forest. The area boundaries are Highway 287 on the west, Highway 34 on the north, Interstate 25 on the east, and the Colorado state line on the south. Trophy bulls can be found on these Wyoming hunting ranches and the public land throughout the entire season. Free from large snow amounts, many of these Wyoming hunting ranches will hold elk year-round.

For the most part, the terrain is pretty moderate and easily accessible for most hunters. The habitat on these Wyoming hunting ranches is dominated by large granite outcroppings, sagebrush, lush grass meadows, mountain shrubs, and scattered timber pockets. Riparian areas have a lot of willows, cottonwoods, and pockets of aspen. In the higher elevations, heavily timbered slopes of limber pine, lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine, and subalpine fir dominate the landscape. A surprising amount of water in the way of small creeks, springs, and lakes are located throughout the area, acting as magnets for trophy bulls in the peak of the rut.

Public access in Area 6 can be challenging. The public lands are very checker-boarded with private land and many are inaccessible to the public, as they are landlocked by large Wyoming ranches. A good network of public BLM and forest service roads provide four wheel drive access to some good areas. Setting up a drop camp or staying at a hotel in Laramie or Wheatland are good ways to access this country.
Like many of Wyoming’s General Areas, bigger bulls and bucks can be found early in the season before they are pushed onto larger Wyoming hunting ranches during the rut. In Wyoming, if you are unsuccessful on your archery hunt, your tag will also work for the rifle season, allowing plenty of time to pursue trophy big game. After the rut, many of the bigger bulls tend to move into the rougher country in foothills. There are some good blocks of BLM that can hold big bulls through the end of November.

All in all, Area’s 5 & 6 are good General Elk Areas that offer long hunting seasons and great trophy potential. Contact Harrigan Land Company to learn more about Wyoming hunting property.

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