2019 U.S. National Hunting and Fishing Day

2019 U.S. National Hunting and Fishing Day

September 28, the fourth Saturday of September, is U.S. National Hunting and Fishing Day for 2019. Established by President Nixon in 1972, this special day emphasizes conservation while celebrating hunting and fishing activities. It is a time when seasoned outdoorsmen and women are encouraged to teach another to hunt or fish. While helping with conservation, these outdoor sports are good exercise and are known for developing friendships.Hunting and Fishing Day

Special Events Held Around the U.S.

Many outdoor events are taking place around the country. These events teach outdoor skills and activities such as hunting, fishing, birdwatching, and more. Many of these activities and relationships also encourage wildlife management and conservation.

Activities for National Hunting and Fishing Day give families a place to introduce their children to skill sets needed for fishing. There are places to practice casting and not tying. Plus, they can fish for free. Fishing licenses are usually not needed at local lakes, streams, ponds, and public fishing areas.

Other times, families may introduce target shooting and hunting skills to their older child. Accompanied youth may even be able to shoot firearms, archery equipment, or air rifles. Instructors also teach Hunter education and shooting safety.

How Hunting affects Conservation

Everyone benefits from the conservation of natural and wildlife resources. Lots of hunting and fishing associations simultaneously participate in conservation efforts. The sports of and fishing conservation by reducing the overpopulation of some species and improving the conditions for wildlife.Hunting and Fishing Day

More than $1 billion is donated annually to wildlife conservation programs through these hunters and anglers. Money from hunting and fishing license fees and federal aid programs have helped with the acquisition of habitat and recreation opportunities for the public.

Digging into History

More than century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt introduced laws regulating the hunting of wildlife in the United States. In 1937 Congress taxed hunting equipment to provide revenue for wildlife restoration projects. But initiatives were already stirring before this time. In the 1880s, the League of American Sportsmen and the Audubon Society were actively promoting conservation.

Congress passed the CARA or Conservation and Reinvestment Act in the year 2000. It requires each state to have a plan for wildlife conservation and allocates $50 million a year to the cause. In some states, ranch owners may benefit from the financial effects of putting parcels into conservation easements.

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