5 Reasons your Mountain West Ranch Isn’t Selling

If your Mountain West ranch is beautiful, why isn’t it selling? Ranches can be complicated to sell. Even with the high demand for ranches right now, the ranch market has its challenges. Here are 5 ways to get your ranch for sale out there and connect with ranch buyers.

1. Do you have a Ranch Broker?

Your ranch marketing initiatives will be much more effective if you team up with an experienced ranch broker. You won’t be pondering how to sell my land in today’s market. You’ll be taking confident steps forward. For example, you will adjust your ranch marketing to a target audience.

That’s right. Target. If you’re looking for an experienced rancher to take over your operations, appeal to his/her situation. If your ranch is undeveloped, extend your reach. Appeal to investors. Advertise your investment land as safe havens during the inflationary economic and unstable political era.

2. What are you doing for Ranch Marketing

Real estate is one of the safest alternatives to money markets, the stock market, and crypto. Land values and potential values depend on location, development, and improvement. Your ranch marketing plan needs to underscore the main selling points and along with the almost-hidden attributes.

We always highlight the positive aspects of Colorado ranches for sale and other ranches in the Mountain West. These key qualities should be linked to current values and potential future uses. Search your records for historic uses and income, too. Before selling your ranch, or if it’s not selling, be sure to have your stats in order. Gather the pertinent paperwork. Legal documents to agricultural and recreational records, to profit and loss records.

3. Land and Ranch Prices

Conferring with your ranch broker, reassess the comps for your acreage and for your improvements. In the last couple of years, land prices for 200+ acres in the Mountain West keep increasing. In some areas, prices went up from $1,500/acre to $2300/acre in response to the flight from the cities to more rural properties. However, some sellers are overpricing. For instance, luxury ranches for sale can easily be overpriced for both the working ranch or and the investor. The seller may have built an expensive lodge with over-the- top features. This facility may not be needed by the next ranch buyer who passes up the exceptional surrounding ranchland to find something at a lower price point.

4. The Seller’s Market

We know when your ranch is not selling you don’t want to hear that we’re in a sellers’ market. To the extent that some buyers pay cash, sellers can take advantage of the new appeal for rural living. However, those uppity interest rates do affect many ranch buyers. This is when it could be time to offer points or to buy down some of the fees. Or lower the price. In other words, are you willing to negotiate?

5. Are You Thinking Out of the Box?

Every sale is unique. Nimble negotiating skills make the difference between an interested buyer and one that will close on the sale. Experienced brokers who specialize in ranches often need to pull rabbits out of a hat. How? They pull up their connections. They use experience developed in an assortment of transaction types. Most of all, they know the ins and outs of ranches, maintaining ranches, operating ranches, water and mineral sources, and potential income-producing activities. Hopefully, your ranch broker has seen it all – everything from hunting and fishing to bobsled riding and raising cattle.

That’s why highly qualified ranch real estate agents can help you think out of the box. They do add value, salient points about your land. Possibilities related to regional trends and issues.

Mountain Ranch Real Estate Brokers

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