Winter Ranch Activities to Get Excited About this Season

Winter Ranch Activities to Get Excited About this Season

As the snow begins to fall and the temperatures drop, you’ll find new and amazing ways to enjoy your ranch. This list of winter ranch activities transforms the season of snow into a delightful way to spend the blustery season.

What Winter Ranch Activities are Right for Me?

If you use your ranch for commercial use, consider developing itineraries and activities for your winter guests. Think about what features you have on your land and how you can create snowy fun for everyone. For example, you can ice skate or ice fish on a pond, organize winter snowmobiling excursions, or even offer backcountry skiing on mountainous properties.

For private owners, you can explore your ranch in a whole new way. Use a map and plot a cross country ski path. Ride on your ATV to a hidden fire pit. Or simply create your own private ice rink with a pond. Either way, find the winter ranch activities that best suit your personal style.

The Best Winter Ranch Sports

We’ve taken the stress out of planning your winter ranch activities with this round-up of the best things to do on a ranch during the winter. These snowy sports bring the best of the winter season and are guaranteed to keep your cheeks rosy and bright.
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Sled Dogs, Horse, and Carriages

Ever think of getting around on a dog sled? Dogs could pull you around during full moon nights and into forests not hitherto seen or over to a new fishing hole.

More comfortable for all ages, sitting under a warm blanket in a horse-drawn sleigh means relaxing evenings under the stars. Or just hop on your Appaloosa and trot out into the meadows. Does this sound appealing enough to get the teens to the ranch?

Income ranches can easily curate a variety of unique, luxury experiences including picnic lunches, trips to warm fire pits for s’mores and cocoa, and more.

Cross Country Skiing

Whether your winter ranch is in the meadows, foothills, or mountains, the terrain is sure to challenge the children and grandchildren on Nordic skis. Skis started in the snowy climes of Russia and Scandinavia over 4500 years ago. They are a speedy mode of transportation, for sure.

Not to mention, skiers can also pull their dogs in a trailer, play ski games or race with this winter ranch activity.

A selection of snowshoes in the barn could invigorate the whole family to tromp around on top of the snow to stargaze. More advanced skiers explore the backcountry and back bowls in places others may only see by helicopter.

Again, the sky is the limit here. If you have a mountain ranch, then you can cater to all sorts of outdoor adventures. Backcountry ski excursions (avalanche conditions permitting), nordic ski tracks, and snowshoe trails suitable for every ability. Combine outings with a meal for a satisfying winter day.

Tubing and Sledding

You don’t need a big mountain to enjoy tubing and sledding. In fact, you just need a small downhill section to dedicate to sleds. Choose from a variety of sled styles from tobagans to those fun snow disks.

Set aside several different styles of sleds and use inner tire tubes, river tubes, or dedicated snow tubes to create a slew of sleds for the winter season.

Commercial operators might want to consider setting out a hot drink station to keep folks toasty and warm while they enjoy the sledding hill.

Ice Fishing and Skating

A fishing ranch lends itself to ice skating. Is there a pond or a lake that freezes over so you can get in some ice fishing? Some families build their own makeshift ice rinks and look forward to hours of happy twirling or rough and tough hockey.

Add lights for night skating and music to enhance the joyous laps. And keep some inner tubes, toboggans, and sleds on hand for children to delight in zooming down the hillsides. Some like to try out curling or kite ski on their lakes.

Biking and ATVing

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Riding an ATV or fat-tire biking around the ranch work well if your roads and trails can be navigated. Otherwise, bring out a snowmobile to get around large fishing ranches for sale to find one that fits your needs.

With these winter ranch activities, you’ll be itching to spend the snowy season in the great outdoors.

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