Big Colorado Ranches – Ranching for Wildlife

Colorado has a landowner incentive program known as Ranching for Wildlife. This program targets large Colorado landowners (12,000 contiguous deeded acres or more) and gives them elk and deer tags in exchange for allowing a small percentage of public hunters who draw a tag to hunt free of charge. This program has seen great success on Colorado ranch land as it benefits both the landowner and the public.

 If enrolled in the Ranching for Wildlife program, the Colorado landowner receives many tags to which they can use, sell, and distribute at their leisure. For many ranch owners, selling of these private land tags can supply them with a substantial amount of income. That income and freedom in exchange for allowing a few public hunts seems like a good deal for both sides.

The public also benefits, because public hunters who draw a tag on one of these  Colorado ranches can hunt the ranch free of any trespass fee. In addition to drawing a tag, public hunters also have the opportunity to purchase a tag from the landowner (prices vary ranch to ranch) on a ranch they would otherwise have no chance of hunting.

 Many of these large ranches are managed for wildlife and provide high success rates and more trophy caliber game. For more information on Ranching for Wildlife contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife.


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