Colorado Recreational Ranches For Sale – Zephyr Meadows Ranch Has SOLD!

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Large ranches for sale near Grand Lake, Colorado are tough to find. For the most part, this area of Colorado has been heavily subdivided and very few sizable  ranches for sale remain. Zephyr Meadows Ranch is one of the few large ranches left in this part of Colorado.

This Colorado ranch for sale is 505 acres adjoining National Forest for two miles. This fly fishing property for sale in Colorado is tucked deep in the upper Trail Creek valley, and the ranch has over one mile of trail creek providing great water for livestock and wildlife as well as good brook trout fishing.

Hunting is outstanding on this hunting ranch for sale in Colorado. The ranch is heavily timbered with aspen and lodgpole pine providing excellent cover for elk, mule deer, and bear. Moose are a common site along the willow lined creek as well as in the ranches 80+ acres of irrigated hay meadow.

Ranches for sale in Colorado with these recreational amenities are few and far between. However, the best thing about this Colorado recreational ranch may be the two custom homes. Both homes were built in the late 1990’s and are in excellent condition. The lodge is 6,200 square feet and is located in the middle of the ranch overlooking the hay meadows. The home is located on the northeast side of this Colorado mountain property in a grove of mature aspens.

Colorado ranches for sale with comparable improvements and amenities are virtually non-existent in this price range. When you factor in that this Colorado ranch property is only two hours from Denver it becomes even more incomparable.



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