Elk-Rich Broken Butt Ranch Land for Sale in NM

Elk-Rich Broken Butt Ranch Land for Sale in NM

Dream of owning a ranch out West? Would you like to see a great piece of land for sale in NM? Broken Butt Ranch may just be your giant step into a life that really matters. Set in the southern foothills of the San Juan Mountains, the magnificent Chama real estate composes 16,309 deeded acres.  Careful management since the early 1900s has enabled Broken Butte Ranch real estate to thrive as a cattle operation and big game hunting property.

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Broken Butt Ranch

Twelve miles east of the ranch, the village of Chama in Rio Arriba County lies approximately 7 miles south of the Colorado-New Mexico border. Surrounding large ranches offer considerable privacy, yet Highway 84 and a network of well-maintained roads provide ease of living.

Special Features of Broken Butt Ranch Land for Sale in NM

The pronounced attributes of Broken Butt Ranch could make it a candidate for a conservation easement, although presently there are none in effect. The elevations trigger a variety of habitats and four-season beauty. From 7500 to 9500 feet lie forests of Ponderosa pine, Juniper and spruce, aspen and oak – all mingling with the natural grasslands. Dramatic cliffs and gorgeous mountain peaks add to the diversity.

The bountiful hunting land is accessible year-round. Its significance as a big game hunting property cannot be underestimated. Elk migrate between the San Juan Mountains and their wintering grounds, leaving a healthy population here for hunting season. In addition, excellent stewardship over the past century complements the big game opportunities.

Ideal custodianship also supports the historic cattle operation of up to 1500 yearling cattle graze during the warmer months. The deed also includes 100 percent of the mineral rights to the property, a boon for all cattle ranches for sale.

And finally, ranch improvements allow for immediate occupation by new owners. A 10-bed hunting Lodge, caretakers home, and shop building are in place.

Chama New Mexico Lifestyle

What a great place to film classic Westerns. The Cumbres and Toltec scenic train takes off from downtown Chama for picturesque mountain climbs into Colorado. Among the 1000+ residents, new ranch owners will find camaraderie in the nearby village of Chama. Surrounding ranchers often pitch in to assist each other in this friendly community. As for the weather, the climate teeters between warm summers and long cold winters with an average January high of 37 degrees. Are you a Spartan?

Ranch Real Estate in New Mexico

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