Fishing Gear Needed for Fishing Trips

When it comes time to collect fishing gear for your next fishing expedition, be sure to include these essentials. Similarly, if you own a fishing or recreational ranch, keep your gear organized in a closet, ready to conquer the river or lake at any time.

Prep for Successful Fishing

Guides, guest fishing ranches, and lifetime anglers underscore how preparation makes your fishing expeditions enjoyable. That’s because when you’re out in the weather, certain items can make a substantial difference. Anything from clothing and rain gear to food and personal effects could trip you up if you forget it.

Recommended Fishing Gear

Let’s see what the experts suggest. We’ll divide the gear into overlapping categories. You pack it up so you can find your gear when you need it. Also, many guys and lodges will rent you waders, boots, rods, reels and other equipment.


Appropriate clothing is especially important for successful fishing trips. You’ll be most adaptable to changing Rocky Mountains weather patterns if you wear layers.

Correct clothing choices well keep protect you. The base layer needs to have moisture-waking properties to keep you dry all day. The next layer could be an insulating pullover for a lighter weight technical shirt – also with moisture-wicking properties. And when it’s cold, you’ll need a midweight down or synthetic puffy jacket that packs away tightly. And then rain protection. Just remember, heavy cottons like blue jeans do not work so well when they get wet!

  • layered synthetic clothing for variable mountain weather
  • extra socks, including wool socks
  • long underwear
  • quick drying, breathable pants, shorts
  • fleece or wool pullover
  • down vest

Rain Gear

The plan is to stay dry even if you come into a heavy downpour, either on a boat or hiking. So, you will need waterproof pants, footwear, hats (plural) and gloves to do the job. As a rule of thumb, find the highest quality raingear in your budget.

Even when your outerwear is completely waterproof, your first layer may get soaked. You’ll stay warm if you’re wearing wool or synthetic materials and they will dry quickly. This includes underwear and socks.

  • rain jacket
  • rain pants
  • waterproof hat
  • rubber or waterproof boots
  • waders (breathable, seam sealed, stocking foot chest waders)
  • boots (felt-free boots)
  • water shoes or sandals
  • neoprene gloves


These items will keep you personally happy. Each is important. Remember those sunglasses will help you be able to see the fish. These helpful items should help you spend a day out in the water and sunshine or cold.

  • medications
  • lip balm
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • polarized sunglasses (2)
  • running shoes
  • sunhats
  • sun gloves
  • disposable hand warmers
  • bandanna or UV neck buff
  • first-aid kit
  • toiletries, if overnight


If you’re using a guide service, the fishing equipment may be supplied. Otherwise consult a local fishing store to find out the best equipment to have during the current weather. These experts also tell which equipment works best for the local fish.

Planning the tackle can be fun. Learn to tie flies. If you collect fishing gear over time, you’ll be adding to your collection and then may already have what you need.

  • wading staff
  • rods (at least one 9-foot fast action 6-weight)
  • reel and spare spools
  • lures, flies, terminal tackle,
  • leaders and tippets
  • nippers, forceps
  • fly flotant, strike indicators
  • fly boxes


  • Water and water bottle
  • Meals

Weather information

Find out the weather forecast. What you need to pack depends on the season and forecast. During very cold months and cool summer nights, you’ll need a good warm jacket and insulated hats and gloves.
In contrast, at high altitudes, hot days require sun protective clothing and gloves. This layer of lightweight protects the skin from sun damage.

What Else?

Is that all? Usually, you’ll need a fishing license, waterproof bag for your cell phone and keys. You’ll also want a waterproof camera to capture your fishing trip memories. And a waterproof duffle to haul it all.

Living close to the Rocky Mountain rivers, we recommend keeping extra gear handy for visiting family and friends. Fishing brings physical and mental health benefits. The moving waters surrounded by mountains and nature must stimulate endorphins. That is, if you’re ready for the day.

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