Five reasons to sell ranch property in the winter

The prevailing perception in real estate circles is that winter is the time when ranch owners hoping to sell their land should be planning for spring to put the “for sale” sign out on the front gate. Everything slows down in the winter, right? Snow flies, it gets cold … and the real estate market, like a big, old grizzly bear, goes into hibernation. 

Well, that’s just not the case. There are some really great reasons for ranch owners in the Mountain West, in particular, to list their property during the winter months. Ranch sales in winter happen all the time. And they happen for lots of reasons. With the right ranch broker, property owners with the right mindset can find themselves in a very promising sales environment. And for investors, winter is often the season when they can shop without urgency and look for the best purchases or investments of the year.

Five great reasons to sell a ranch in the winter

  1. There’s not as much competition, both among buyers and sellers. Most ranch owners follow along with the crowd and wait for warmer weather to list their property. Opportunistic landowners achieve market value for their property by listing and selling during the colder months. Ranches for sale in the winter garner more eyeballs from serious investors and buyers than when they’re listed during busier times of the year. One thing to remember: prospective ranch buyers and investors who are truly dialed into a ranch purchase don’t stop looking for property when the snow flies. Why wouldn’t sellers ensure their ranch property is listed and marketed by a reputable ranch broker, winter be damned?
  2. Buyers can focus on their ideal ranch purchase when there are fewer properties on the market. There are also fewer casual shoppers poking around in winter. With less competition, there’s a better chance that sellers will catch the eye of serious investors. In fact, motivated buyers are using the winter months to get ahead of their competition. Most investors and buyers are waiting for a slew of new ranches for sale when the snow melts. Thoughtful buyers are busy homing in on the property of their dreams. 
  3. Buying a ranch in the winter gives the new owners a head start on spring. It’s easier to dial in a ranch’s needs when crops or hayfields are dormant, livestock is concentrated and easier to care for and more time can be spent making plans for busier times ahead. It just makes sense for sellers to have their property market ready for buyers who want to purchase in the winter and hit the ground running come spring. 
  4. The winter ranch can be a selling point in its own right. Winter can be a great time to showcase ranch property. Holiday decor can highlight the features of ranch improvements. A fresh dusting of snow looks clean and inviting. There’s absolutely nothing off-putting about showing a ranch as it appears during all seasons, winter included. 
  5. Winter is an excellent time to have prospective buyers come and see your ranch property. Buyers can see what the land you’re offering looks like when there’s snow on the ground. They can see what access is available in the winter and what the ranch’s improvements look like in the winter. They can see the inviting ranch house or lodge with a fire in the hearth and some thoughtful, tasteful decor. What’s more, for buyers or investors interested in hunting, big-game herds congregate at lower elevations and are easier to see in winter. Even if the deer, elk or pronghorn stubbornly refuse to make an appearance, their tracks in the snow are easy to see. This is important for prospective buyers who are interested in hunting property. One more winter bonus: no bugs!

The bottom line?

The winter ranch is an inviting ranch. Motivated buyers don’t stop looking for their ideal ranch property just because it’s cold outside. Ranch owners serious about selling their property should consider listing their ranches for sale in the winter with a reputable ranch broker who can reach those highly motivated buyers and investors — there honestly may not be a better time of year to catch the eyes of buyers who are truly tuned in to purchasing property. Don’t be afraid of listing your ranch for sale in the winter, and don’t be afraid to shop for ranch property when the snow flies — don’t be like the grizzly and hibernate. Find a motivated ranch broker who can put buyers and sellers together and carve out the perfect ranch property transaction. 

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