How to Own Fly Fishing Hunting Ranches and Create Revenue

How to Own Fly Fishing Hunting Ranches and Create Revenue

The Western states features some of the best fishing rivers and big game habitat in the United States. Do you dream of owning one of the great fishing and hunting ranches out West? If high prices make your dream is elusive, do not be discouraged. Find a ranch with the long-term viability and invest. Gather down payment funds now and then look for smart financing.

Hunting Ranches

Paint Rock Canyon Ranch

Owning Hunting Ranches

Do you want the freedom to manage your hunting reality? Owning land means you can manage the habitat, scout the territory, and hunt as you please. Even a 37-acre parcel could help fulfill your dream. Work your way into a larger project if you will, but you can start small. Bison Peak Lodge is southwest of Colorado Springs and may be a great start. It comes fully equipped with income producing amenities, some fixer-upper projects, and the unique hunting and fishing lodge or bed-and-breakfast.

How to Create Revenue on your Ranch

The real estate agents at Harrington Land will explain the revenue advantages of each of our ranches for sale. We keep abreast of the markets – and personally experience the terrain and value of each ranch listed by our father/son real estate team.

But just think, what aspects of the property can be used to produce value? Can you improve the habitat? Here are some examples of ways to induce positive cash flow. Look for ranches with surrounding wildlife habitat. Find out if there are nearby farmers growing corn and soy, favorites of the big game animals. Add cattle production. Improve stillwater fishing options. Rent out the buildings. Find out if there are any payments from the Wetlands Reserve Program or ERP lands. Allow logging. Lease property to other hunters or outfitters. Create food plots. Build access roads and/or cabins.

Hunting Ranches

Whistling Elk Ranch

Western Hunting and Fishing Ranches for Sale

Check out these 8 hunting and fishing Ranches for sale in Colorado, Wyoming, in New Mexico for prices ranging from $1.5 million-$25 million. Most of these properties include extensive developments, including a home. Luxury to rustic, these Western ranches for sale favor adventures, peaceful fishing expeditions, and successful hunting trips.

1. 83,604 acres in North-Central Wyoming (near Hyattville in Big Horn County) $25 million
2. 3783 acres in Colorado (near Rand in Jackson County) $11.5 million
3. 15,000 acres in Wyoming (near Matisse a in Park County) $9,950,000
4. 1720 acres in Colorado (near Collbran in Mesa County) $7.5 million
5. 518 acres in northern New Mexico (near Chama in Rio Arriba County) $5,995,000
6. 878 acres in Colorado (Mora County) $4.2 million
7. 1665 acres in Colorado (near Walden in Jackson County) $4,199,000
8. 37 acres in South Central Colorado (near Lake George in Park County) $1,150,000

Ranch Real Estate Agents

Request more information about hunting ranches and fishing ranches. Contact Dave Harrigan or Hunter Harrigan at Harrigan Land Company at (800) 524-1818. Specializing in large ranch and recreational properties in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah.

We have over 30 years of experience throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and New Mexico. We know these states well, including some “undiscovered” places. We are offering best hunting ranches for sale along with other premier properties
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