Fly fishing the forgotten reaches of wild and remote Colorado

There is a forgotten Colorado that fly fishers treasure. In these remote paradises, the rivers and streams still hold their secrets close. Here, adventurous long-rodders can still tangle with some of the wildest trout in the West. If you’re fly-fishing real estate investors looking for Colorado ranches for sale, you should start with the forgotten wild lands in both northern and southern Colorado.

Here, along the high peaks of the Continental Divide, some of the best fly fishing in the Rockies awaits. For investors exploring fly fishing properties, these lonely stretches of Colorado shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Rio Grande River flows through Broadacres Ranch
The Rio Grande on Broadacres Ranch

A key ranch for sale in southern Colorado

In the southwest corner of Colorado, the San Juan Mountains divide the stunning San Luis Valley from the desert canyonlands of Utah. These mountains source two fabled Western rivers. 

The renowned Rio Grande runs off the south San Juans on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. To the west, the iconic San Juan flows south and west until it eventually meets up with the mighty Colorado.

This is a lonely corner of Colorado. It’s far enough away from the Front Range urban complex to avoid development of that scale. Instead, it’s home to sprawling ranchlands and 14 “fourteeners” (mountains that top 14,000 feet in elevation). 

Catching a nice brown trout at Broadacres Ranch

The Rio Grande remains an excellent trout-fishing resource. For buyers looking for ranches for sale in Colorado, a rare opportunity awaits. The Broadacres Ranch, near the town of Creede, Colo., straddles the Rio Grande for several miles. And it’s a fishy five miles that provides exclusive access to the buyer 

Here, wild brown and rainbow trout swim largely unmolested by other anglers. And there are dozens creeks and streams that flow across the vast public lands holdings surrounding the ranch. Here anglers can still catch native Rio Grande cutthroat trout. It’s one of the rarest native fish in the West. 

The ranch actually has two tracts available. The main ranch is 600 acres and includes over a mile of the Rio Grande. It also includes Shallow Creek,  a tributary to the river that’s been enhanced by habitat improvements. This is one of the best fly fishing properties available in the West.

The second parcel is smaller at just over 240 acres, but includes a longer stretch of the river. Together, both are run as an Orvis-endorsed fly fishing lodge. That tells you how good the fishing can be. 

A beaver pond at Independence Mountain Ranch

A ranch for sale in northern Colorado

On the other end of Colorado lies one of the state’s wildest regions. North Park sits at almost 9,000 feet in elevation. And Independence Mountain Ranch sits right at the gateway to this outdoor recreation paradise. 

While the ranch and its 362 acres is likely best suited as a hunting property, its location puts anglers right in the middle of some of the best trout water in America. Nestled up near the border with Wyoming, the ranch is only five miles from the fabled Northgate Canyon. Here, the storied North Platte River flows for 18 miles, uninterrupted. It’s one of the best places to catch trophy trout in Colorado. 

Scenery at Independence Mountain Ranch

Its spot on the map also puts anglers within easy reach of some of the best trout fishing in southern Wyoming. And, in North Park, there are countless small creeks and streams holding wild trout, and most of them are on public lands. This means the ranch is the ideal home base for anyone looking for a top-notch fly fishing ranch in a remote destination.

A man catching a trout in Colorado.
There’s some great fishing on Colorado ranches for sale

Final word

For anyone looking for Colorado ranches for sale that have quality fly-fishing assets, your search is over. Both of the Broadacres parcels are so treasured by anglers, that the current owners use the ranch as a fly-fishing lodge. 

To the north lies remote Independence Mountain Ranch, which puts anglers within reach of dozens of fly fishing opportunities. And those opportunities span some of the best trout waters in two states. 

We have over 30 years of experience throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and New Mexico. We know these states well, including some “undiscovered” places. We are offering best hunting ranches for sale along with other premier properties
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