9 Questions to Ask Your Ranch Broker Before You Sell

If you’re thinking of selling your ranch, there are several things you should know before you sell. Number one is to find the right ranch broker for your ranch sale. Here’s a look at nine questions to ask your ranch broker before you hire.

Here at Harrigan Land, we offer up one of the best ranch broker services in the west. We believe that the key to a successful ranch sale lies with a broker you can count on to be honest, hard-working, and has ample experience.

As land broker experts, we know that finding the right broker for your ranch sale makes all the difference. So we are giving you all the inside secrets to choosing the perfect ranch broker.

How to Find a Ranch Broker You Trust

The first step to selling a ranch is to find a qualified ranch broker. Even though we are ranch brokers, we still truly believe you should do your homework before choosing a ranch broker. Step one, contact a qualified ranch broker and set up a meet and greet.

When you meet your potential ranch broker, you’ll want to ensure your hiring the right person for the job. Start by interviewing your potential ranch broker. Take notes, do your research, and follow up.

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9 Must-Ask Questions to Hire a Ranch Broker

Before you hire a ranch broker to sell your ranch, you’ll want to make sure you’ve found the right person to represent your unique property. Keep in mind, you may find a super-qualified broker, but they may not be the right fit. Make sure you choose the perfect ranch broker with these 9 interview questions.

1. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

First, you want to hire a ranch broker with plenty of experience. When it comes to ranch sales, each property is unique. With a complicated list of rights, easements, land type, and more, you want a ranch broker who’s been around for a while. Why? More experience means fewer surprises.

2. Are You Familiar with My Area?

Even if your ranch broker has decades of experience, it’s important that they have worked in your area. Each region has it’s own set of laws and history. Not to mention, having a local connection helps sell your ranch faster. If they know your area and have local connections, then selling your ranch will be quite a breeze.

3. What is Your Favorite Part About Being a Ranch Broker?

Get to know your potential ranch broker. Ask them about their favorite part of their job. Does this align with your goals? Does their answer match up with how you feel about your property? Choose a broker who is excited about their job and your property.

4. What Services Do You Provide with Selling a Ranch?

This key question will help you filter out a knowledgable ranch broker from a newb. Every great ranch broker not only helps you sell your ranch, but works with you to create a marketing plan, help you through closing, and give advice about sales profits.

5. Can You Give References?

Every qualified ranch broker should be able to rattle off a list of references. Once you have those references, follow up by reaching out. Ask previous sellers about their experience with your potential broker.

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6. What Are Your Outdoor Hobbies?

It’s important to choose a ranch broker who lives a lifestyle that aligns with your ranch. For example, if you have a hunting ranch in Colorado for sale, then you will want to work with a ranch broker who understands hunting. This is especially important if you are selling an income-producing ranch.

7. Have You Lived on a Ranch?

Finding a ranch broker that also has lived on a ranch is a real plus. These ranch real estate brokers truly understand your lifestyle and know what it takes to buy, sell, and work a ranch. It can be okay if your broker doesn’t have ranch experience, but this rare find is a real asset.

8. Site an Example Where You Had to Overcome a Sales Challenge.

Get candid with your ranch broker and ask them about a particularly challenging sale in their line of work. Dig into the details of any innovative plans they utilized to overcome the problem.

Pay special attention to how they answer this question. If they claim everything was a breeze, it’s a red flag. Maybe they don’t have a lot of experience, or perhaps they are hesitant to give bad news. You want a ranch broker that can tell it to you straight, even when the news isn’t happy.

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9. What Are Your Fees?

Understanding your fee breakdown before your ranch broker signs on helps prevent any unwanted financial surprises. After you’ve received a formal fee breakdown, be sure to circle up with your accountant and ensure that your financial goals are still aligned.

Overall, finding the perfect ranch broker to sell your ranch takes a little bit of research. However, with the right interview questions, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right ranch real estate agent for your sale.

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