Your Guide to How to Buy a Ranch in Colorado

Your dreams of owning your own slice of Colorado ranchland are closer than you think. But before you buy, there are many things to understand about how to buy a ranch in Colorado. Having a realistic plan and a detailed understanding of what you want from your Colorado ranch not only helps you make a sound buying decision, but it also creates an actionable plan to make your dreams of ranch ownership a reality.

About This Guide to How to Buy a Ranch in Colorado

As the expert, local, Colorado ranch brokers, we have the inside scoop about how to buy a ranch in Colorado. We live the ranching lifestyle and pride ourselves on our superior service and knowledgebase about Colorado ranchland. In this guide we’ll cover:

  • Identify your goals for your dream ranch
  • Budget considerations to buy a ranch in Colorado
  • How to find a ranch broker in Colorado
  • Tips for buying a ranch

how to buy a ranch

Identify Your Goals

Before you even start looking for a ranch in Colorado, it’s important to identify your goals. You want to understand what you want your Colorado ranch property to be. Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want livestock or animals on your property?
  • Will you live there full time?
  • Are you looking to turn a profit or do you want to buy a ranch in Colorado for recreation?
  • How much land can you realistically maintain?
  • Is the property primarily used as a fishing property, hunting property or working ranch?
  • Are you looking to use your land for commercial agricultural purposes?

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to wrangle a budget and find a broker that specializes in your ideal property. 

Understanding Your Budget for Buying a Ranch in Colorado

Before you purchase any property, it’s important to fully understand your financial position. Talk to your lender or financial advisor about what is best for you and your family. Is this a second property or your primary residence? Which areas and what sizes are a good investment? Be realistic with your number, and don’t forget about increased costs. 

One major difference between buying a ranch and buying a regular property is maintenance and upkeep costs. Unlike a house, ranchland, especially working ranches, comes with a tremendous added maintenance cost. Sure, you can opt to do to the work yourself, but upkeeping a working ranch is a full-time job. You’ll likely need to hire help. This not only increases costs, but it’s also going to cut into any profits.

buying a ranch in colorado

Finding a Ranch Broker

Once you have your goals and budget, you can begin the search to find the perfect Colorado land broker. Look for a land broker that shares your values and understands your goals. If you’re looking for a Colorado hunting ranch, then your broker should be a seasoned hunter. You’ll not only gain access to a reliable knowledge base, but brokers that align with your goals also understand your unique needs.

Also, You’ll likely want to look for someone local since they have in-depth knowledge about the landscape. They not only understand the unique aspects of buying a ranch in Colorado, but they understand the unique needs of the land in the region. 

Buying a ranch is not like buying a house. In fact, it’s a complex process that requires special expertise. Colorado land brokers are able to navigate the complexities of the sale and help you come up with a buying plan that works for you.

Things to Consider about Buying a Ranch

When it comes to how to buy a ranch in Colorado, you’ll want to keep the following considerations in mind.

Location, Location, Location

The top priority for all land ownership is location, and ranches are no different. However, aside from considering your neighborhood and access, you’ll also want to think about the climate, soil type, natural ecosystem, and other important environmental variables.

Big Ranches in Colorado Vs. Small

Size matters with ranching. Overuse of your ranchland can cause horrific problems like erosion problems, nutrient-deficient soil, and other difficult to manage issues. However, bigger Colorado ranches require a tremendous amount of maintenance and aren’t the ideal choice for budget buyers. Select an acreage range that fits within your goals and finances. 

Livestock or Not?

One of the biggest considerations for owning a ranch is livestock. Are you planning on owning a working ranch? Do you need space for horses? These questions will likely determine which type of property best suits your needs.

tips for buying a ranch

Understand the Zoning for Colorado Ranches

Unlike buying a home, you’ll need to understand specific zoning requirements when you purchase a ranch. There may be restrictions on building construction, agricultural use, and other aspects of ranch ownership. Be sure to find a ranch property in Colorado that has the correct zoning requirements for your intended use. 

Water Rights and Colorado Ranchland

Water rights are one of the most unique aspects of land ownership in Colorado. These complicated, sometimes frustrating, requirements for water rights often dictate how your Colorado ranchland can be used. Having a knowledgable land broker helps you navigate this complex world. Senior water rights in Colorado are a coveted part of buying a ranch, so be sure to understand the unique features of your prospective property.

Ranching for Profit

Lastly, if you plan on ranching for profit, you want to make sure you’ve got a ranch management plan. It doesn’t matter if you plan on having a Colorado hunting ranch or working ranchland, understanding the limitations and abilities to utilize your private ranchland for profit is paramount to your success. You’ll need to take all aspects of the land into consideration and develop a ranch management plan to meet your goals. 

When it comes to buying a ranch in Colorado, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Be sure to make the best decision for your ranch property investment with expert advice about how to buy a ranch in Colorado. Soon you’ll find yourself kicked back on your porch, admiring the pristine view of your very own ranching property.

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