Hunt and Fish Often on Exalted Public Wyoming Land

Hunt and Fish Often on Exalted Public Wyoming Land

From the best big ranches for sale in WY, potential buyers may also discover the exceptional hunting and fishing on nearby exalted public Wyoming land. Sparsely populated Wyoming gives owners the space to really get away from it all. These public lands may extend ranch boundaries into wide-open scenic territories featuring clear waters, forests and meadows, mountains, and rock formations–perfect wildlife habitat.

Big ranches in Wyoming fit synergistically into the thousands of square miles of public lands. These amazing federal public lands include 27,860 square miles of BLM land and 14,460 square miles of United States Forest Service land. The State of Wyoming administers another 6,300 square miles of land in Wyoming.

Wyoming Public Lands

The Bureau of Land Management publishes land status maps which delineate patterns of land ownership. These color-coded maps can be downloaded to your portable GPS units. The largest contiguous areas of accessible public lands in Wyoming are in the western half. Smaller portions can be found in the eastern part of the state.

Hunting Access in Wyoming

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission publishes brochures with Wyoming’s access laws. They are also posted online and readily available. To legally access public or state lands, hunters and anglers must:

  • enter from a public road or a highway
  • float on navigable water
  • walk from adjacent public or state lands
  • enter from private land with permission

Wyoming issued a game and fish trespass statute requiring permission for all hunting and some fishing. Hunting on private lands may require signed permission. Hunters and anglers may pass from one parcel of public land to another but we suggest a little bit of study, especially in places with limited access.

North Wyoming Ranches and Public Lands

On the northwest corner of Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park only allow hunting in Elk Hunt Areas 75 and 79. Valid elk licenses are necessary. Looking east, Wind River Big Horn Basin District borders Montana. Here discover archaeological wonders. Miles of deep limestone canyons break into trout-rich creeks and the red sandstone cliffs of Big Horn Basin.

Paint Rock Canyon Ranch for sale lies in in the grandeur of the western slopes of Cloud Peak, the highest point in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains. The working legacy ranch features 83,604 acres (7177 deeded) of private Wyoming land. Endless hunting opportunities are enjoyed in the stunning habitat. You will regularly find herds of up to 600 elk in the meadows. Big game hunting is the norm – trophy elk, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail deer – along with turkey, gamebirds and waterfowl.

Extraordinary fishing in the canyon continues for 8.5 miles! Large fish exceed over 20 inches in the high-quality waters in this area. The ranch also features a couple of springs that could be developed into large trophy trout ponds.

For the past century, the cattle ranch arm of Paint Rock Canyon Ranch sustained business activities. The Western legacy ranch will now sell with about 800 cows and available bulls. This success can be attributed to good maintenance, plenty of grazing land, high country federal leases in the summer, hay production, and territorial water rights to irrigate 1400 acres. In addition to a sensational owner’s compound, this unique property has been developed with employee housing, camps, barns, shops, and outbuildings.

Paint Rock Canyon Ranch brings the best of USA hunting and fishing right to the doorstep. Much rarely visited BLM land adjoins Paint Rock Canyon Ranch, expanding the plethora of hunting and fishing outings. Wyoming’s exalted public lands enhance the value of the astounding large ranch for sale in north-central Wyoming.

WY Ranch for Sale East of Wind River

Wind River Heritage Center is in Riverton, Wyoming, a commercial hub in Fremont County. Riverton is only 20 miles from the 2100-acre Sandstone Ridge Farm & Ranch. This wide-open western ranch is a few miles west of Boysen State Park and east of the spectacular Wind River Mountains.

Set at about 5000 feet, Sandstone Ridge Farm & Ranch anchors a great agricultural region. The 2100-acre cattle ranch, production ranch, and hunting ranch features a proven track record for excellent income. Its future knows no bounds. Driving its success, water resources come from a century-long proven water supply through 400 miles of canals and laterals. Four pivots, concrete pipe, and gated pipe enhance this fine Wyoming production property.

The large fertile ranch is also known for deer and pronghorn hunting. Wildlife frequenting the fertile Wyoming production ranch pass through to adjoining public Wyoming land, offering many more hunting opportunities. Move right in. Developments at Sandstone Ridge include homes, heated shops, a barn and corrals to welcome your team.

NW Wyoming: Shoshone National Forest

East of Yellowstone National Park, Shoshone National Forest covers 2.5 million acres of the immense Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The Continental Divide separates it from the Bridger-Teton National Forest to the south and west. It is one of the first nationally protected land areas and home to Native Americans who enjoyed the hunting and fishing for about 10,000 years.

The Shoshone National Forest reaches to Custer National Forest and into the Absaroka and Beartooth mountains on the north side. The Wind River Range and Gannett Peak, the tallest mountain in Wyoming, form beautiful southern vistas. The rich big game habitat encourages a wealth of species to the area: grizzly bear, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, cougar, and more. Combine the hunting options with the best game species fishing in the USA to experience the unrivaled West.Wyoming Land

We see why the 17,000-acre Upper Green River Ranch in Daniel, Wyoming benefits from the proximity to this area. The ranch enjoys 4 miles of the Green River and more than 20 miles of tributaries. It also features a serious cattle operation with 3000 irrigated acres and cattle facilities, three homes, and much more.

This premier Wyoming ranch for sale exemplifies unspoiled Western territory with excellent ranching, hunting, and fishing. However, it is also next to miles of public fishing on the Green River where long float trips can be experienced. Trumpeter swans, waterfowl, sandhill crane, and raptors share the wetlands.

In the early 19th century, the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous began here between the Wyoming and Wind River ranges. Today’s new owners can enjoy hunting for trophy elk and moose – and extensive other recreational opportunities just like in the olden days.

Central Wyoming Public Lands and Ranches

An extraordinary Wyoming ranch for sale north of Laramie, Thunder River Ranch perches at 7000 feet. Breathtaking views reach out in all directions from the southern end of the Laramie Mountains here. The Laramie WY ranch for sale features fantastic big game hunting and fishing along with a cattle-ranching heritage–thanks to the well-water grasslands on the ranch.Wyoming Land

Thunder River Ranch features 26,046 total acres (20,502 deeded) with more than 15 miles of trout fishing, huge Area 7 elk herds, two luxury homes, and other housing. Thunder River Ranch adjoins Wheatland Reservoir No. 2 for a few more fishing options. It is all only one hour from Laramie and three hours from Denver International Airport.

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