Know Your Top Fly-Fishing Rivers near North NM Ranches

Know Your Top Fly-Fishing Rivers near North NM Ranches

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Harrigan Land Company presents several North NM ranches for sale. Most of these large ranches are in proximity to some of the top fly-fishing rivers and streams found in the Southern Rockies. Check out our Featured Listings in New Mexico and you won’t miss a day on the water. Fishing licenses are available from April 1 to March 31.

Get in some stupendous scenery and awesome fishing in our majestic mountains. Fish in the mountains during warmer weather and get in some ice fishing or head south in winter. Head to the Red River, Rio Hondo, Cimarron River, Rio Costilla in the Valle Vidal, Coyote Creek below Angel Fire and we must mention Eagles Nest Lake along with many other exceptional spots.

Great Fishing Close to Northern NM Ranches

Hire a guide if you need to but don’t be too shy. They can help you explore the steep gradient freestone streams but there are plenty of creeks in the high mountain meadows as well as small headwaters and hidden tailwaters to fish.

Look to the great fly-fishing rivers and their tributaries near ranches in northern New Mexico. The state features a wide range of fish—bass, trout, northern pike, walleye, panfish, catfish, and more. New Mexico also boasts Quality Waters — special trout waters where anglers may only use artificial files and lures with single, barbless hooks.

Mountain Lakes and Streams in New Mexico

Here’s a glance at some optimum fishing rivers.

  •  Chama River flows away from the eyes of the masses. It flows through the high mountain forest and meadows to the Alvarado reservoir and splashes through the rugged sandstone canyons. During this time, the wild River flows through the Chama River Canyon wilderness area with one part leading to the Rio Grande. Large wild browns and rainbows can be caught.
  • Cimarron River is a tailwater flowing out of the dam on Eagle Nest Lake. It features canyon stretches, open meadows, riffles, deep pools, channels, and undercut banks. Diverse insects bring up the wild brown trout. The river near Taos offers dry fly fishing and excellent terrestrial fishing.
  • Los Pinos River begins in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and flows into New Mexico, creating top freestone trout water (brown and rainbow). The exceptional riffles, pools and pocket waters make this an easy to wade stream. It progresses from nymphs fishing to dry fly fishing and many fun experiences.
  • Pecos River is a smaller stream that goes through all kinds of terrain. It is popular during summer and has several tributaries including Rio Mora and Cow Creek.
  • Red River flows into the Rio Grande north of Cuesta. There is a trout hatchery on the lower part of the stream. Downstream from the hatchery is warmer water and a spotting of bows in late winter. A hike leads down to the confluence of the Red River and the Rio Grande.
  • From Espanola to the Colorado border, the Rio Grande flows through the Rio Grande Gorge. Waters are high in turbid but in the mid to late summer they clear close to spawning season for big brown trout. This River is known for its caddis hatch and sensational canyons.
  • Rio Pueblo de Taos is another beautiful tributary of the Rio Grande and it flows through a gorgeous canyon. Browns nestle in small pockets. Access is limited to extremely steep gradients, however.
  • The San Juan River features a 4-mile section below the fishery dam where live 20,000 fish per mile averaging 17 inches. This large river is exciting all year round.
  • Vallecitos River flows through high desert, canyons and high forests of the Carson National Forest northwest of Santa Fe. The river gives up wild browns and a few rainbows. In the upper part are more rainbow and brook trout.

    NM ranches for sale

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Call Dave Harrigan or Hunter Harrigan at Harrigan Land Company at (800) 524-1818 for information about hunting and fishing ranches in northern New Mexico. Specializing in large ranch and recreational ranches in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

We have over 30 years of experience throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and New Mexico. We know these states well, including some “undiscovered” places. We are offering best hunting ranches for sale along with other premier properties
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