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As the populations in the Mountain West continue to grow more large ranches for sale are subdivided and developed into smaller “ranchettes”. It seems everyone is in search of their slice of mountain land. Like all land, large ranchland for sale is a finite asset that will continue to become more and more valuable in the years to come. The uniqueness of these large ranches for sale is what will increase their investment value over time. In Colorado for example, the recreational ranch market has been hot for several decades as the population in the Front Range has steadily increased. River valleys that used to be home to one or two large family ranches are now home to countless “ranchettes”. The overdevelopment of ranchland is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, making large ranches evermore valuable and in high demand for investors. In states like Wyoming and New Mexico the development of large ranches has been slower to some extent. Because of this, opportunities to own and preserve large legacy ranches are more common. We have a great selection of large ranches for sale in four mountain state.To learn more about opportunities to purchase large western ranches contact Harrigan Land Company.


Leaping Trout Ranch – Saratoga, Wyoming


We have over 30 years of experience throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and New Mexico. We know these states well, including some “undiscovered” places. We are offering best hunting ranches for sale along with other premier properties
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