5 Amazing Modern Country Interior Design Ideas

As the temperatures begin to cool, you’ll likely be fixing to spend a few more nights indoors next to the cozy hearth. What better way to celebrate your ranch than with a few country-inspired interior design trends? These modern country styles make your home feel warm, welcoming, and chic this season.

Opt to MisMatch

One of the signature trademarks of a traditional country home is mismatched furniture. Back in the day, farmers and ranchers used what they had, often bringing a variety of different furniture styles into the home. 

Today, you can achieve the same look with a modern twist by going for furniture that’s different, but similar colors. 

Think twin couches that are the same style but a different color. Choose throw pillows that complement each other, but don’t match on each piece of furniture. Even a leather chair mixed with a suede couch can produce a mismatched look that pays homage to traditional country style.

Create a Cozy Space Without the Clutter

Country homes are meant to be simple. They take you back to basics. You won’t find cluttered shelves or overly-full walls. Instead, the focus is on furniture. For both gathering and practicality, country homes have never been one to show off things, but rather create a cozy feeling.

Instead of stuffing the shelves with knick-knacks opt for a few key pieces of wall decor. Think about using old shutters, baskets, and other thrifted items to create that well-loved, yet understated look. Kitchens should be functional, living rooms should be all about the fireplace, and decor should be a light touch of the creatively unexpected. You can even go to flea markets and use old farming tools and equipment to accent your space. 

If you’re working with lots of wood accents, go for metal accessories. Otherwise, paint your walls bright whites or neutrals and use decor to add just a splash of natural textures to your space. 

Functional Kitchen Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of any ranch. It’s where families come to gather and share stories. It’s where wholesome meals are made to squash the hunger of a hard day’s work. Farmhouse kitchens are informal, functional spaces and the decor should reflect that.

Instead of plastering the walls with unfunctional decor, consider hanging pots and pans, or using bold stainless or vintage appliances to do the decorating for you. Focus on function over form here, since this is a space where you’ll want everything to serve a purpose.

Inspired Minimal Decor

Today’s modern ranch decor is about blending the natural vintage charm with minimal design and clean lines. Walls shouldn’t be too crowded and painted simply. Wood and timber can be used in unique ways to create warmth in the home. 

Intentional, minimal decor draws the eye in while welcoming you to the space. Instead, focus on thoughtful practicality. Think blankets, warm-colored rugs, plush pillows, and inviting furniture. Choose simple decorations that tie a room together. Patterned tiles combined with simple shapes for wall decor create a balanced look that invites you in to stay for a while.

Rustic and Chic

Can you combine modern art and postmodern furniture in a ranch home? Absolutely. Use a cowhide rug to tie the elements together and you have a modern, sophisticated look to your ranch.

Don’t be shy about updating your ranch home to have a modern feel, but still keep the original warmth. Blankets, warm-toned woods, and bright leathers work well. Allow light in by using grays, lighter blues, and yellows on the walls. Take advantage of lighting to create a welcoming room.

Combine warm metals such as copper and brass with the clean lines of mid-century modern furniture. The warm metals evoke a rustic feel, while the mid-century modern furniture creates a timeless look that feels both contemporary and traditional.

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