New Mexico Ranch For Sale, PLC Ranch

Some of the biggest elk in the world can be found on New Mexico Ranches, in the southwestern part of the state. The combination of good genetics, high protein grass, and mild winters promote superb antler growth. In fact, our listing the PLC Ranch may be the best of them all.

Check out our video to see some monster New Mexico elk  taken off the PLC Ranch. This is one of the best elk hunting ranches there is. Last archery season there was a bull killed on the PLC  Ranch that scored 410″.

This ranch is almost 20,000 acres and receives over 20 annual bull elk tags.

We have over 30 years of experience throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and New Mexico. We know these states well, including some “undiscovered” places. We are offering best hunting ranches for sale along with other premier properties
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