On Sale Now – Head to your Stunning Mountain Ranch in New Mexico for Christmas

On Sale Now – Head to your Stunning Mountain Ranch in New Mexico for Christmas

At Christmas time, look at any of these stunning mountain ranches in New Mexico. We’ll try our best to get you the keys in time for holiday celebrations. From a home base at a northern NM Ranch, you can hunt, fish, or tromp through your own scenic territory – and get out for a family skiing tradition skiing at Taos or Angel Fire. Some of these big Western ranches for sale produce income, including cattle ranches and recreational ranches. Current Featured Listings for Northern New Mexico ranches for sale!

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mountain ranches in New Mexico

Broken Butt Ranch

Come experience the quiet grandeur from your own hillsides. While the stupendous mountain scenery blends New Mexico into the northern Rocky Mountains, the distinctive history and culture set the lifestyle apart from the rest of the nation. In addition to several thriving live water cattle ranches New Mexico is home to outstanding recreational opportunities, ski resorts, Native American and Mexican art, and ancient heritage. New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, has its own mystique.

Ready, Set and Let’s Go Fishing

Here’s a great plan for anglers of all bents. Begin by investing in your own fly-fishing ranch. Owning a fly-fishing property is a simple way to help you spend precious time on the water. Residing on a river ranch will give us you even more time to zone out the outer world while casting flies to hungry trout. But making it all work requires forethought. Let’s develop good habits and reduce any sense of struggle by improving our chances of quality fishing time.

What does it take to be a successful angler? To increase your angling skills, develop good habits. If you to the following tips, you can expect more hours of satisfying fishing time every year. Good habits will be very reward you.

Use lists. You will need to create an equipment checklist. For starters, list obvious equipment like your rod, reel, waders, flies, sunglasses, leaders, and tippet. Bring backups of all equipment. As we discovered, “You will not be a happy camper, if in your rush to meet the caddis hatch on a remote part of the Arkansas River, you arrive streamside only to discover that your box of Elk Hair Caddis is still sitting safely on the kitchen counter.”

A good angler must be able to thread the eye of a #18 Blue-winged olive. So, pick up a pair of magnifiers if necessary and wear them around your neck. Now, practice tying knots. Make sure to master the art of tying knots efficiently. It can be done from the comfort of your couch. If you have problems, ask about tools to help you at an angling shop. Here are the three essential angling knots:

  1. The improved clinch knot
  2. The double surgeon’s knot
  3. The nail knot
mountain ranches in New Mexico

Dinero Ranch

Fishermen and women also do themselves a favor by being organized. When watching the news or your favorite show, organize your boxes of dries, nymphs, streamers, and midges. Thoughtfully assign them to vest pockets and don’t confuse yourself by changing their locations.

Although we like to be efficient with our angling, the majestic Rocky Mountain scenery goes a long way to keeping us coming back outside for more.

Quick Hunting Prep

Rivers and streams meld with forests and grasslands to provide healthy wildlife habitat on ranch properties and public lands. As the snow melt seeps from the majestic mountain peaks, the crystal-clear waters grace our many desirable New Mexico hunting ranches for sale. Here is prime wildlife habitat and the keen eye may zero in on bear, moose, elk, mule deer, antelope, fox, wild turkey, big horn sheep, bobcats, cougars, javelina, grey wolf and other species.

So, learn about the hunt. A mentor will let you in on the secrets, like how to scout, hunting into the wind to keep your scent away from the prey. This sport is everything outdoors. A symbiotic relationship between prana and survival only serve to intensify a hunter’s awareness. Out in the field, you need to conquer weather, vulnerabilities, impatience and the like, and a good guide can walk you through the steps.

Basics count. Good hunters are extremely careful. To harvest wildlife on your own remote ranch property, you and your companions need to be strong and prepared. Do not take your skills for granted. And take all the basics seriously: get enough sleep, wear warm layers, pack food and water for the day. Wear lots of orange and be ready for colder weather in higher elevations. Pack vests, coveralls, and heavy coats, neck warmers, hats—and heavy waterproof boots with high Thinsulate content, the most important item.

Bring the right equipment. You will need a weapon, a gun or a bow, and plenty of practice under your belt. Practice shooting often to improve accuracy and get acclimated. Good maps of the terrain could save your life during inclement weather so at least Google the area.

Plan out a way to return with your catch. Sharp knives are essential to gut out the the animals. If you want to bag more than one animal, you may need rope to tie your catch into a tree while you continue hunting. To drag your catch back to the home base, you will need a small tarp. Just lay it out and put the animals on top to keep them clean and pull the tarp to camp. Some people use game carts for this purpose but do have a good plan for carrying out the carcass.

Recreational Ranches to Build Memories

Outdoor recreation in northern mountains of New Mexico knows no bounds. Some existing NM ranches for sale already feature developed recreational options, including accommodations for hunting and fishing. In addition, many of these mountain properties already outfitted with ranch houses or cabins to accommodate several guests. However, even the vacant land for sale in New Mexico’s mountains can be developed further.

Back to outdoor activities. You will find that ranch owners or their guests start with snowshoeing or hiking during winter time. With a little time, they tromp down some hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and horseback riding trails. Or they go freestyle on cross-country skis and snowboards, exploring the breathtaking strata of forests and meadows. Roads for pickup trucks and ATVs provide access on several big ranches for sale and many times lead to the adjoining state parks, BLM land and forest service lands.

Cattle Ranching out West

If you want to continue a cattle operation or start your own, Harrigan Land will send you to the experts. The former owners and neighboring ranchers offer many resources and connections to the cattle industry.

Current Featured Listings

Do any of the following large ranches in New Mexico suit your goals? So, when looking for a perfect piece of land for sale, zero-in on places you want to be in for the long haul. What climate would you enjoy? How about terrain, vegetation, or nearby amenities? Do you need to be near relatives, a specific ski resort, or other landmark? Let’s sit down and talk about it. We’ll find you the legacy ranch of your dreams in the Rocky Mountain states.
Chama, New Mexico – Rio Arriba County Ranches for Sale

Cow Creek Ranch

Canones Creek Ranch

Canones Creek Ranch features 518 acres on the Chama River, and accommodations. Develop this as a cattle operation, fly-fishing property, and/or hunting ranch in New Mexico. Price: $5.5 million.

Coyote Creek Ranch

Coyote Creek Ranch features 878 acres close to Angel Fire Resort. The mountain property has great potential as a fly-fishing property and hunting ranch. Price: $4.2 million.

Dinero Ranch

Dinero Ranch spans 2,874 acres at the foot of Tusas Mountains. It’s a cattle operation, fly fishing property and hunting and recreational ranch located southeast of Chama, New Mexico. Price: $8.15 million.

Broken Butt Ranch

If you are interested in very large hunting ranches for sale, Broken Butt Ranch will wow you. This legacy property spans 16,309 acres in northern New Mexico along a prime elk migration route. Price: $32 million.

Pecos, New Mexico – San Miguel County Ranches for Sale

Cow Creek Ranch

Nestled into a private valley Cow Creek Ranch features 1054 acres only an hour outside of Santa Fe. It is a fly fishing, hunting, and recreational ranch. Price: $7.5 million.

Taos, New Mexico – Taos County Ranches for Sale

Northside Ranch

The 1227 acres of Northside Ranch sit in the higher elevations adjacent to Taos Ski Valley Resort. This NM land for sale is poised to offer a variety of recreational activities perhaps marketed to visitors at Taos. Price: $8.1 million.

New Mexico Realtors – Ranch Specialists

Contact Dave Harrigan or Hunter Harrigan at Harrigan Land Company at (800) 524-1818 to learn more about Western ranches for sale. Specializing in large ranch and recreational properties in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah.

Harrigan Land Company has been repeatedly honored by The Land Report as one of America’s Top Brokerages. Harrigan Land Company would like to thank all supporters for another strong year. “We are very optimistic for continued success…. Buyers continue to see recreational ranches for sale as great investments that can be enjoyed for generations.”

We have over 30 years of experience throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and New Mexico. We know these states well, including some “undiscovered” places. We are offering best hunting ranches for sale along with other premier properties
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