Platte County Wyoming Ranches For Sale

Overview of Platte County Wyoming Ranches For Sale


  • Population estimate, 2007: 8.936, 4.2 persons/sq. mi.
  • Square miles: 2111
  • Approximate driving time from Cheyenne: 1 hour
  • Commercial Airport: None in county, Cheyenne Regional Airport one hour distant. General aviation airport at Wheatland.
  • Ski Areas: None in the county
  • Major Communities: Wheatland (3500), Guernsey (1100)
  • Elevations: 4500 to 7000 feet
  • Major streams: North Platte River, Laramie River, North Laramie River
  • Average ranch/farm size: 2910 acres (NAICS, 2002) vs. Wyoming average 3651 acres
  • Pros: Abundant deer, elk and antelope populations, extensive private property and very accessible via highway system
  • Cons: Wyoming winters; semi-arid climate

Platte County straddles the transition zone between the high plains of southeastern Wyoming and the foothills of the Laramie Mountains. The geography of the county is dominated by broad vistas, rugged granite foothills, and in the higher elevations, forests of ponderosa pine. The vast majority of Platte County is privately held, with scattered tracts of National Forest, BLM and State land. Rich with mule deer and elk, the area was frequently hunted by the Sioux Indians. Ranchers settled the area in the late 1800s, and ranching and farming quickly became the mainstay of the region’s economy.

Dryland wheat farming and cattle ranching remain the economic backbone of Platte County. Large ranches and farms exist throughout the county, and these uninterrupted tracts of land have proven to be favorable habitats for populations of mule deer and elk. The county is growing slowly, and is far removed from the development pressures common elsewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Hunting: Platte County is best known for its trophy elk and mule deer hunting, particularly in the western, higher portions of the county. Parts of the county regularly produce 350-class B&C bulls and 200-class mule deer. Since most of the county is privately owned, these animals are available to very few hunters, providing the opportunity for exceptional hunting experiences. Whitetail deer, antelope and upland bird hunting can also be found in Platte County, again predominantly on private lands.

Fishing: Stillwater fishing is popular in Platte County, particularly in the sprawling Glendo Reservoir, which is fed by the North Platte River. Walleye, perch and catfish are common in Glendo. Nearby Guernsey Reservoir is another popular impoundment on the North Platte, but it suffers from annual draw-downs. Stream fishing is less popular in Platte County, but rainbow and brown trout fishing can be found on the North Platte above and below Glendo Reservoir, as well as in the North Laramie River and some smaller Laramie Mountain tributaries. Many of the lower reaches of streams suffer dewatering in late summer. Springs in the foothills frequently develop into excellent trout fisheries.

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