Aspen Meadow Ranch New Mexico

Guadalupita, New Mexico


Looking for New Mexico Hunting Ranches? Aspen Meadow Ranch New Mexico is a magnificent property. Veteran elk hunters have long known that the remote Rincon Mountain Range of central New Mexico harbors some of the largest bull elk in the state, and generations of these magnificent animals have made a habit of hiding out in the remote canyons of Aspen Meadow Ranch.

Aspen Meadow Ranch is a beautifully-blocked, 4878-acre ranch full of fir/spruce woods and aspen groves. Watered with several year-round creeks and springs, the ranch is home to trophy elk, mule deer, bear, and turkey that make even the most jaded hunters sit up and take notice.

Big game hunting aside, Aspen Meadow Ranch is also a New Mexico Ranch of the finest order. This is unchanged New Mexico at its best, with inspiring views of the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains rising over forested hillsides. Mountainous terrain on the ranch invites exploration by jeep, foot, horseback, or tract UTV twelve months of the year.

A spectacular Pioneer log lodge is the centerpiece of this New Mexico hunting ranch. Massive red cedar logs, Douglas fir flooring, aspen accents, granite countertops and tile all are reminiscent of some of the finest lodges in the West. You’ll have plenty of room for guests or clients in 4 bedrooms and a guest suite, complemented with 4.5 baths.

We at Harrigan Land Company believe that Aspen Meadow Ranch is a remarkable buy for the hunter who craves privacy as much as he or she craves trophy elk and deer. Where New Mexico is still wild and where elk and deer far outnumber humans, Aspen Meadow Ranch awaits your discovery and your dreams.

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