Horse Springs Ranch

Datil, New Mexico


Horse Springs Ranch New Mexico: Southwestern living just doesn’t get any better than it does at the magnificent Horse Springs Ranch on the eastern slope of the Mangas Mountains in scenic Catron County, New Mexico. Nourished by abundant springs and streams and blessed with a mild climate, this New Mexico ranch for sale is home to trophy elk and mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and javelina. Careful attention to wildlife habitat has produced a property with a well-earned reputation as one the Southwest’s foremost big game hunting locations, but ranching and dispersed recreation also coexist beautifully with the wildlife here.

Situated at approximately 7000 to 8000 feet, this ranch for sale in New Mexico lies at a perfect elevation for plentiful water and diverse vegetation. Depending on what part of the ranch you visit, you might find mule deer resting in the shade of cottonwoods along a trickling stream, elk grazing among the pinions and junipers, or a black bear nosing around an open stand of tall ponderosa pines. Extensive wooded canyons and mesas dominate the ranch’s 24,000 acres (16,670 deeded) and create countless places for wildlife to rest and for you to explore. This New Mexico ranch for sale adjoins the Apache National Forest to the west, allowing easy access to many more square miles of seldom-visited territory.

Wildlife comes first at Horse Springs Ranch, and a system of spring and pond development and food plots has been managed to maximize the potential for game. 5000 acres of the ranch have been placed under conservation easement to protect critical wildlife habit. This New Mexico hunting ranch for sale has a track record of yielding trophy elk over 400 inches and mule deer over 200 inches, and its 28 landowner bull elk tags solidify its potential as a premier hunting operation.

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