Laramie Range Ranch

Laramie, Wyoming


Laramie Range Ranch Wyoming for Sale: More than twenty square miles of Wyoming’s finest elk habitat are encompassed by the Laramie Range Ranch, a pristine property situated only a few minutes from Laramie, Wyoming and but two hours from Colorado’s largest city. With expansive forests and spring-fed creeks, the ranch is a true wildlife oasis in the midst of the Laramie Mountains. Thanks to its excellent habitat, Laramie Range Ranch might just be one of the finest elk hunting ranches in the country, yet also offering exciting development opportunities for exclusive ranchettes, still water fisheries and even traditional and renewable energy sources.

Set in mountainous country ranging from 7700 to 8700 feet, and having an ideal mix of lush grassland, red sandstone buttes, heavy timber and abundant water spread across its 13,647 acres (11,911 deeded), Laramie Range Ranch is pure heaven for elk. Large herds of trophy elk reside here year-round, as well as healthy herds of impressive mule deer and antelope. No public access exists through any part of the Laramie Range Ranch, making it an entirely exclusive hunting retreat. Annual landowner tags are available for elk, mule deer and antelope, and additional tags can be drawn on a yearly basis. As a result, the Laramie Range Ranch is a trophy hunting ranch of world-class stature. In addition, the ranch adjoins the Medicine Bow National Forest to the northeast, where recreational opportunities for hiking and rock climbing abound.

The exceptional hunting opportunities of the ranch are complemented by outstanding still water fishing potential. Four spring creeks and several springs could be the source of a network of ponds to support trophy trout. A few of the existing six ponds already grow rainbow trout up to several pounds. Development of fishing resources is secured by 12.54 cfs of water rights that were historically used for irrigation near the ranch’s homestead.

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