Leaping Trout Ranch

Saratoga, Wyoming


Leaping Trout Ranch Wyoming: Bordering two miles of the trout-rich North Platte River just north of Saratoga, Wyoming, Leaping Trout Ranch with a large population of hefty browns and rainbows easily qualifies as one of Wyoming’s premier flyfishing ranches for sale. Add in four more miles of Jack Creek (a spawning tributary) and several lunker-filled ponds, and even seasoned anglers will find their pulse racing at the thought of the truly world-class trout fishing opportunities here. And if the spectacular fishing isn’t reason enough to love this place, Leaping Trout Ranch is situated in the middle of one of the great unspoiled valleys in the Rocky Mountains.

Leaping Trout Ranch surrounds 2,777 acres of rich bottomland just a mile north of Saratoga, a solid town with strong ties to both ranching and trout fishing. Historically, the ranch has supported 300 head of cattle year-round, and regularly produces nearly 2000 tons of hay annually on 2600 irrigated acres. With water rights of 52.84 CFS, the ranch’s most valuable resource is secure.

Cattle ranching and hay production have been the mainstay of this Wyoming cattle ranch, but its fishing and wildlife resources have the potential to make this property a one-of-a-kind sportsman’s nirvana. The northern two-mile boundary of the ranch reaches to the centerline of the renowned North Platte River, which supports an impressive 4000 trout per mile. These browns and rainbows quickly reach sizes of 16 to 18 inches on the ranch, and five-pound trout are not uncommon at all.

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