LK Mountain Ranch

Meeker, Colorado


LK Mountain Ranch Colorado For Sale: The massive bull elk and buck mule deer mounts in the lobby of the historic Meeker Hotel say it all: some of the largest elk and mule deer in the world have thrived near Meeker, Colorado for generations. Today that fabled legacy continues on at LK Mountain Ranch, only six miles south of Meeker, where “world-class” big game hunting is no exaggeration.

Long managed with big game values in mind, the LK Mountain Ranch is 7100 acres of well-watered, rolling terrain at about 8000 feet, covered with piñon pine, gambel oak, mountain meadows, sage flats and stands of aspen and dark timber, all of which are ideally suited to producing magnificent herds of elk and mule deer. Mule deer bucks on the ranch regularly reach 180 inches, with the largest exceeding 200 inches. Bull elk average from 280 to over 300 inches, including many 6×6 trophies.

The entire 13,000-acre LK Ranch has been lauded by the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife for its wildlife (awarded the 2012 Wildlife Landowners of the Year) and has been selected for participation in the prestigious Ranching for Wildlife program. This designation has permitted the entire ranch to receive 20 bull and 10 buck tags each year, and has allowed hunters on the ranch a three-month season in which any weapon may be used. Although 12,000 acres is the minimum for inclusion in the program, the current owners are willing to continue sharing the status and benefits with the purchaser of the 7100-acre LK Mountain Ranch. This continued designation makes the LK Mountain Ranch an obvious contender to be developed as one of the top hunting ranches in the state. Supplementing the predominant big game hunting are good populations of grouse, mountain lion, and black bear. On the LK Mountain Ranch, an income stream from hunting is not a dreamy ideal but a well-proven reality.

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