Matheson Ranch

Kremmling, Colorado


Matheson Ranch Colorado: The term “legacy ranch” is probably overused, but no one will argue that the Matheson Ranch near Kremmling, Colorado, fully qualifies for the term. Homesteaded in the 1880s while Colorado was still a territory, the Matheson Ranch has been held for five generations in the same family, and for good reason. Located in the heart of what many consider the state’s finest cattle country, the Matheson Ranch also holds extremely valuable water rights and access to some of the best hunting and fishing in Colorado. The family pride poured into this 2,000+ acre ranch for generations has made it into a showpiece of Middle Park.

Many generations of thoughtful stewardship has made the Matheson Ranch productive for both cattle and hay. Two deeded parcels combined with a 1000-acre BLM lease has supported grazing of about 150 pair of cattle year-round, while producing 700-900 tons of hay on 450 acres of irrigated native grasses. Water rights from Troublesome Creek, which flows through the ranch, are excellent, as are rights to 1074 acre-feet from Matheson Reservoir.

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