Northside Ranch

Taos, New Mexico



  • 1,227 acres adjacent to Taos Ski Resort
  • Unique development, conservation, & recreational potential
  • Bighorn sheep, mule deer, elk, & more
  • Year-round access adjacent to national forest
  • 20+ miles of roads, ATV, and hiking trails

Northside Ranch New Mexico: A true mountain property located in one of New Mexico’s most iconic valleys, Northside Ranch is a treasure chest of recreational opportunities. Richly forested, it occupies 1227 deeded acres directly adjacent to the legendary Taos Ski Valley Resort and is perfectly situated to supplement the recreational amenities of the existing resort. Visionary owners with an eye for environmentally-friendly development could hardly imagine a better canvas upon which to create a masterpiece than Northside Ranch.

Ranging in elevations from 10,000 feet to 12,630 feet above the summit of Frazer Mountain, Northside Ranch occupies classic subalpine and alpine life zones. The subalpine is represented by an abundance of dark timber forest comprised of Engelmann spruce, Douglas fir, blue spruce and corkbark fir. Groves of aspen appear here and there and create a blaze of color in the fall. A summer wildflower explosion in the alpine zone of blue columbine, paintbrush, sky pilots and bluebells easily qualifies Northside Ranch as one of New Mexico’s finest examples of a healthy ecosystem.

Wildlife thrives on Northside Ranch, finding refuge from the more developed parts of the ski area. Here, mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, black bear and lynx all find a home and can roam freely into the adjacent Carson National Forest and Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area. Small game and a variety of birds are also present, making the ranch a delight to wildlife lovers, hunters and photographers. Water resources vital to the wildlife include seeps, springs, wetlands and the Rio Hondo River.

With a maintained network of over 20 miles of roads, ATV and hiking trails, Northside Ranch currently hosts a rich variety of recreational activities, including hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling and ski touring. Each of these activities are natural, low-impact additions to the downhill skiing and each could be enhanced. From most of the trails, the views across the valley to the ski resort and the high peaks above are second to none.

The existing uses of Northside Ranch could be maintained, but those with vision could creatively develop this property further. An expansion of the ski area is a logical choice, and studies indicate that 10-12 downhill runs could be developed. Summertime recreational development could include such things as zip lines, yurt camping and alpine coasters. Residential or conference center development is also on the radar for this property, although level construction space is limited and creates some constraints. Nevertheless, the direct proximity to the ski area makes some creative development a very attractive option. Taos Ski Valley has recently been purchased by billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Bacon, and his development plans may also prove a boon for Northside Ranch.

Taos Valley is one of New Mexico’s finest resort communities, with a fine collection of restaurants and lodging available year-round. The community of Taos itself is just down the road and is an artist’s dream. The cultural mecca of Santa Fe is about two hours to the south.

True multiple-use, year-round recreational mountain properties like Northside Ranch are rare in the Rockies, and even more so in New Mexico. Whether your interest is in environmentally-friendly development, downhill skiing, land and wildlife conservation, low-impact recreation or simply investment, we think that Northside Ranch is a treasure chest just waiting to be opened.

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