OX Ranch

Wheatland, Wyoming


Wyoming Hunting Property: The fortunate few big game hunters who have been privileged to visit this Wyoming ranch for sale in the Laramie Mountains have discovered that “Wyoming Territory” is alive and well here. Completely surrounded by other private land, the OX Ranch controls almost 10,000 acres (4,812 deeded, 5,000 leased state and BLM lands) of ideal mule deer and elk habitat of proven productivity. Giant bucks grossing from 180 to over 200 Boone and Crockett points and bulls scoring from 350 to over 400 call this piece of unspoiled “Wyoming Territory” home, leading one state Game and Fish official to observe, “When you hunt the OX you have a chance to take something truly spectacular.” “Spectacular” has included Wyoming’s state record bull elk, which was an OX animal.

“Water changes everything” on the OX Ranch. Dotting the hills of the OX Ranch are over 40 seeps and springs and one year-round stream that are the secret to maintaining the large herds of deer and elk on the property. Many of these springs could be developed into sizable watering holes or ponds. Three spring-fed trout ponds already exist, each of which holds slab-sided brook trout up to two pounds. With additional pond development, the OX Ranch could become a trophy stillwater trout fishing destination as much as it already is for trophy hunting.

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