Vedauwoo Ranch

Laramie, Wyoming


Sold Wyoming Ranches: On the Vedauwoo Ranch in southeastern Wyoming, the possibilities are as rich as its creekside pastures. Trophy big game hunting, trout fishing, cattle ranching, alternative and traditional energy development and rural housing development are all possible on this Wyoming ranch for sale. Add in easy access to two of Wyoming’s largest cities and only an hour’s drive from the burgeoning northern Front Range communities in Colorado, and you have a Wyoming ranch worthy of serious consideration by the creative investor.

The Vedauwoo Ranch consists of a solid block of 7,200 deeded acres that follows 6 miles of the valley of Dale Creek, a permanent stream flowing only about ten miles southeast of Laramie. Dale Creek is key to the productivity of the ranch, as it feeds lush grasslands along the creek, which benefit both cattle and big game. This Wyoming ranch property includes one large reservoir, irrigated and sub-irrigated creek bottom and owns rights to 200 acre/feet of water. Grassy meadows dominate the creek bottom, while the uplands are dotted with picturesque granite outcrops, sagebrush and scattered pines.

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