La Sal Ranch

Moab, Utah

La Sal Ranch would make a superb base for a hunting operation, with fishing as an adjunct attraction. An exclusive recreational ranch or corporate retreat would be a great fit as well, given the array of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby.

Acres: 1878


Acres: 1878

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Utah Cattle Ranch?

The most important thing to consider when looking for and purchasing a Utah cattle property is the type of operation you plan to have on your land and how much space that operation is going to need in order to be successful.

A cow-calf ranch is a year-round operation, and therefore requires the proper infrastructure. You will need space to house the year-round staff you will need to have, and you will need ample access to grazing land. If you plan to grow your own crops in order to avoid paying for feed during the winter months, you will obviously need the proper land, access to water, and storage facilities a crop operation requires.

A yearling operation, while not year-round, still needs enough grazing space for cows to gain weight quickly. Utah is known for its hot, dry summers, so you will need to be sure you have enough grazing land to avoid overgrazing. Generally speaking, once a pasture is over grazed, it’s very difficult to bring it back.

This is all a lot to think about while you still have to consider your own personal wants and needs for the land you want to purchase. Our team of professionals at Harrigan Land know exactly what it takes to run a successful cattle ranch, and we can help you find a Utah cattle property that will be a perfect fit for you.

Why Buy a Utah Cattle Ranch?

Agriculture is a massive piece of the economy out West, and with the proper land, you stand to make a substantial profit from a cattle operation. As mentioned, Utah isn’t exactly the first place people think of for cattle ranches considering its neighbor states like Wyoming and Colorado. This means there could be less chance of competition, and a higher chance of a very successful, profitable cattle ranch.

Can I Make Money on a Utah Cattle Ranch?

Absolutely, and there is more than one way to do it. There is, of course, the operation you run on your land to earn you money in the short-term. Whether you choose a cow-calf or yearling cattle operation, you stand to earn a substantial income from the day-to-day business of your ranch.

The other opportunity comes from owning the land itself. Ranchland has become a popular form of alternative investment because people would rather invest their money in their own land rather than risky government or publicly owned stocks. You can purchase your land, and over time it will appreciate. When, or if, you decide to sell, you can ask for more than your original purchase price.

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