La Sal Ranch

Moab, Utah

La Sal Ranch would make a superb base for a hunting operation, with fishing as an adjunct attraction. An exclusive recreational ranch or corporate retreat would be a great fit as well, given the array of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby.

Acres: 1878


Acres: 1878

Why Own A Hunting Ranch in Utah?

As mentioned, Utah may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Rocky Mountain hunting, which is exactly why owning a Utah hunting property is a good idea. Unlike neighboring Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, Utah’s hunting scene can be less crowded meaning less hunting pressure and more trophy-bag opportunities.

However, just because it’s less popular doesn’t mean it’s less productive. Utah hunting ranches still offer world-class hunting opportunities. Bear hunting, elk hunting, and deer hunting are all popular throughout the state, as well as bighorn sheep hunting and antelope hunting. Choose your season, archery, rifle, or muzzle-loading and have a successful hunt on your own land away from the crowds.

What Should I Know When Buying a Utah Hunting Ranch?

The most important thing to consider when looking for a Utah hunting ranch for sale is its location and the game that will be available based on that location. Like most of the Rocky Mountain states, Utah has a mix of environments that offer different hunting opportunities based on where you are.

Southwestern Utah has more of a desert climate and is a great place for antelope and deer hunting. Eastern Utah is more mountainous and offers good big game hunting like elk. Utah also offers top-notch bird hunting and owning your own Utah hunting property will give you ideal access to water-fowl and upland bird hunting.

Can I Make Money With A Utah Hunting Ranch?

There are two specific opportunities to make a substantial profit on any ranch land in Utah. The first is the business you chose to run on the land, be it hunting, cattle, fishing, or a horse ranch. The amount of money you make obviously depends on how well your business does, however the opportunity is there.

The other chance for ranch owners to earn a profitable income is just that, owning the land. Rather than investing money in risky, government owned stocks and bonds, you can invest in land. As time goes on, the property you own will appreciate, so if, and when, you decide to sell your ranch, you stand to make a substantial profit.

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Utah Hunting Ranch

Utah may not be your first choice in location for a hunting ranch, but let us show you why it should be. Our team at Harrigan Land has several Utah hunting ranches for sale that will fit exactly what you’re looking for and give you the access to the world-class hunting you crave.

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