The Benefits of Owning a Ranch Near a Resort Town

The Benefits of Owning a Ranch Near a Resort Town

Charming mountain towns with idyllic scenery on your mind? If you’re looking for the perfect balance between nearby amenities and your own slice of land, then look at purchasing a ranch near a resort town.

Resort towns bring the best of both worlds. Some hustle and bustle (busy seasons are certainly lively) with plenty of space to get away from it all on your own private ranch property. Simply put, it’s pure bliss.

Should You Buy a Ranch Near a Resort Town?

Owning a ranch near a resort town isn’t for everyone. Of course, there are a lot of benefits, but there are a few big drawbacks too. You should buy a ranch near a resort town if:

  • You don’t mind crowds for part of the year
  • You want access to multiple revenue streams
  • The idea of having recreation areas nearby such as ski resorts and national parks excites you
  • You’re looking for an income-producing ranch that would benefit from being located near a tourist hub.
ranches near resort towns
Scenes from Broken Bone Ranch located near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Plenty of Recreation at Your Doorstep

Ranches near resort towns all have one thing in common: they have ultimate access to nearby outdoor recreation. From national parks to ski resorts and more, oftentimes resort towns are popular for a reason.

Enjoy world-class natural wonders all with the perks of recreation opportunities at your doorstep. Fishing, hiking, hunting, and adventure sports are just a few of the things that make owning a ranch near a resort town an excellent option.

The downside: The price per acre near resort towns is typically higher. You can combat some of the costs by looking at shared amenity ranches.

A Diverse Range of Income Potential

Want an income ranch? Owning a ranch near a resort town brings you ample opportunity to make some money. First, you’ll have an array of different options to produce an income. A few notable ways that resort towns help bolster ranch income are:

  • Plenty of restaurants for direct sales
  • Unique opportunities for lodging income (dude ranches, Airbnb, and more)
  • Hunting tag sales
  • Guided tours
  • More retail options for homemade goods

The downside: Some larger ranch opportunities, such as large-scale cattle farming may not be economical due to land costs.

ranch near resort town
Build your own ranch near a resort town by purchasing a property.

Crowds and Quite Time

Unless you’re looking for total solitude, a ranch near a resort town brings you the best in both busy times and quiet times. For those that want to occasionally feel like there is a vibrant atmosphere, then a resort town might be for you.

Of course, the crowds can be taxing – especially in very popular areas with one road in and out. One of the best parts of living near a resort town is the shoulder seasons. Half the year will be busy and bustling, giving you a festive feel. While the other half (the offseason) is typically tranquil, quiet, and charming.

The downside: Solitude is hard to find during the busy months. However, locals always know best, and since you own property, you’ll enjoy plenty of quiet time at the lesser-trafficked locales.

Amenities are All Around

One of the bigger benefits of living in a ranch near a resort town are your access to amenities. Sure, the “neighborhood” Wal-Mart might be hours away, but there are still plenty of additional amenities not found in a normal isolated ranch setting.

You can enjoy restaurants, shops, small businesses to help with upkeep/management, and a well-maintained infrastructure with close proximity to a resort town. If you’re further off the beaten path, these luxuries can be a little harder to come by.

The downside: Like any rural property, prices can be inflated at local shops. Shipping can also be a challenge.

Easements and Incentives

Throughout ranching, there are plenty of programs designed to help you make the most of your property. Almost every state offers an incentive program to create easements for conservation. This allows you to ensure your ranch will live protected forever and helps to save you some money too. Colorado’s Ranching for Wildlife program is quite popular and for good reason. The public-private land partnerships do a lot to conserve the places you love the most.

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Ranch

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