Snowpack Levels on Colorado Ranches For Sale

Snowpack Levels on Colorado Ranches For Sale

Colorado Snowpack 2013 – Ranches For Sale

As of April 8, 3012, Colorado’s statewide snowpack is 69% of average.  The 8 major river basin snowpack totals for Colorado are as follows:

            South Platte River:                                         69%

            North Platte River:                                         80%

            Yampa and White Rivers:                              73%

            Colorado River:                                               74%

            Gunnison River:                                              66%

            Arkansas River:                                              65%

            Upper Rio Grande River:                                57%

            San Miguel, Delores and San Juan Rivers:    65%

            Statewide Average:                                        69%

Although Colorado snowpack for 2013 is only 69% of NORMAL, it is still considerably higher than the May 4, 2012 total of 20% statewide.  Let’s hope for a continued wet spring with cooler than normal temperatures on Colorado ranchland.  We will look at the statewide snowpack total in 4 weeks and post an update. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions on our current ranches for sale.

Colorado Ranchland Snowpack


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