Snowpack on Colorado Ranches For Sale

Colorado Ranches For Sale
Snowpack (April 22, 2013)

Within the last two weeks, Colorado ranch land snowpack has jumped from 69% of average to 90% of average.  This is due to numerous spring snow storms dumping feet of snow statewide. Ranches for sale in the northern half of the state saw the majority of this heavy spring snow. The 8 major River Basin snowpack totals are as follows:

South Platte River:                                         88%     (up from 69%)

North Platte River:                                         102%   (up from 80%)

Yampa and White Rivers:                              98%     (up from 73%)

Colorado River:                                               103%   (up from 74%)

Gunnison River:                                              88%     (up from 66%)

Arkansas River:                                              79%     (up from 65%)

Upper Rio Grande River:                                70%     (up from 57%)

San Miguel, Delores and San Juan Rivers:    71%     (up from 65%)          

STATEWIDE AVERAGE:                                  90%     (up from 69%)

This substantial increase in Colorado ranch snowpack is great news for ranchers, farmers, hunters, fly fisherman, and recreational enthusiasts.  April snow will help tremendously with reservoir storage in northern Colorado and summer stream flows on Colorado fly fishing ranches for sale statewide.  We will check totals again in a couple of weeks and report the update.

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