Sublette County – The Land of Big Wyoming Ranches for Sale and Vast Forests

Sublette County – The Land of Big Wyoming Ranches for Sale and Vast Forests

Vast forests, rivers, and lakes make big Wyoming ranches in Sublette County thrive. Sublette County spans 4936 square miles in Western Wyoming from 6,280 feet in the valley to 13,400 feet. The 10,000 residents like the wide-open spaces and 80 percent public lands.

Big Wyoming RanchesThe rural county has been around for a century. Fur trapper and explorer William L. Sublette inspired the county’s name. It welcomes visitors to the Museum of the Mountain Man in Pinedale. The Mountain Man Rendezvous inspired its fame. Today’s economy continues focusing on tourism and the frontier culture. But cattle ranching and natural gas boost the economy.

Bordering Counties

Only Wyoming counties border Sublette County. The Wind River Range and Fremont County form the eastern border. Sweetwater County is on the southeast and Lincoln County on the southwest. Teton County is on the northwestern border and is home to Jackson Hole Ski Resort.

National Protected Areas

Big Wyoming RanchesParts of three national forests cross into Sublette County. They include Shoshone National Forest and the combined Bridger-Teton National Forest. Sublette County adjoins Wind River Range on the east. Gros Ventre Wilderness lies north and the Wyoming Range to the west. In contrast, the central valley is in the sagebrush steppe eco-region.

Sublette County Communities

At over 7000 feet in the mountains, Pinedale is the largest town and seat, Sublette County. Pinedale’s 2000 residents have mastered their subalpine climate and 1300 lakes. Pine Creek flows from Fremont Lake to the Green River. Green River traverses the county.

Two more incorporated towns include includes Big Piney and Marbleton. Big Piney features many Western cattle ranches and other big Wyoming ranches. It is the oldest Wyoming settlement. Known as the “Ice Box of the Nation,” the town is home to the Wardell Buffalo Trap. It became the site of several documentaries. Census-designated places include Bondurant, Boulder, Cora, and Daniel. Calpet is an unincorporated community. Drilling at Jonah Field and Pinedale Anticline Field increases temporary populations.

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