Summer Time Streamer Fishing – The Early Bird Gets the Fish

Summer Time Streamer Fishing – The Early Bird Gets the Fish

As summer rolls around, and the days get longer and warmer, those truly dedicated, dare we say addicted, to fishing start to think about little else aside from getting out on the water and reeling in the trophy trout of a lifetime. This may sound like every fisherman you’ve ever come across, however, there are a dedicated few that have unlocked the secret to the best summertime streamer fishing the Rocky Mountains can offer.

Some fishermen wait until the sun is out and high in the sky before taking off for an afternoon on the river. For some, this is their only option to get out on the water and do what they love. However, if you have the opportunity and dedication to beat the sun to your spot on the bank, you are much more likely to see a productive morning of fishing.

The Earlier, The Better

Mid-day streamer fishing is tough. Fish have already spent their morning in shallower waters feeding on baitfish and sculpins and now rest deeper in the water with full stomachs and little interest in the fly you are trying to cast from the bank.

The solution here is to get up and start earlier. That 4 a.m. wake-up call can be brutal, almost painful, but getting out on the river while the light is low and fish like brown and cutthroat trout are feeding closer to the banks is the best time to offer a large chunk of meat from the bank. Trust us, we don’t like getting up early either, but if it means a fun, successful morning on the water, it’s always worth it.

Don’t Miss Runoff Season

Runoff season, those early months of summer just as spring is heading out the door, is the most perfect time to start your streamer fishing season. As snow melts and runs off into the rivers, trout are awaiting the food that comes with it and usually will be hanging out in shallower waters.

Get yourself to bed early, bring your A+ streaming game, and get out on the water early in the day and early in the season to give yourself the best chance at catching some great trophy trout. Remember, positioning on the bank of your favorite lake or river is key so look for drop-offs and shelves, as well as feeder stream openings if you’re fishing in a lake.

Good Things Don’t Always Come to Those Who Wait

Essentially, the key to the most successful summer streamer fishing is timing. Don’t wait for the most ideal time of the season to pass, or the best part of the day to come and go. Mid-day summer streamer fishing is definitely possible, however you will have a lot more luck if you get out of bed before the sun and get out on the water before daybreak.

Get your coffee ready, set those alarms, and have yourself a great morning of fishing before most people are even awake. You may not be thanking us when that alarm goes off, but you will definitely be thanking us later.



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