The Advantages of Owning a Hunting Ranch in Wyoming

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For many avid hunters, Wyoming has long been considered one of the nation’s best states when it comes to trophy big game hunting ranches for sale. With Wyoming’s entire population being just over half a million, there are more big game animals than there are people. Licenses in the state are also tightly regulated with many of the state’s trophy hunting areas taking 6 to 10 years for non-residents to draw a tag. However, if you own a ranch in Wyoming, you can take full advantage of the state’s long hunting seasons and landowner tag program.

As an elk hunter, Wyoming ranch owners can enjoy the flexibility of bow hunting for elk during September, and if they don’t fill their tag, rifle hunting with the same tag for an additional 5 weeks in many areas. This archery/rifle option also goes for deer and in many areas allows for a one month deer archery season and an additional two week rifle season, generally prior to the rut. This generous hunting season length makes up for the limited number of tags issued by the Wyoming Game and Fish on Wyoming ranches for sale.  It also allows landowners in Wyoming the opportunity to hunt for over two months in search of that trophy animal.

Over the past 3 years, our family has been fortunate to own hunting land in Wyoming which qualifies for landowner elk and deer tags. Our Wyoming hunting ranch is in an area that would normally take us seven years to draw a tag without the landowner tag program.  Although, the game and fish allows only two landowner tags per ranch, no matter how much land you own, this has allowed us to harvest some quality elk and mule deer each year.  In addition, this type of season length provides us the flexibility we need with our ever changing work schedule.

Most hunting ranches for sale in Wyoming provide excellent opportunities to harvest elk in the 300+ class and mule deer in the 170+ class.  To qualify for landowner tags in Wyoming, ranch owners must own a minimum of 160 acres. Wyoming land owner tags offer ranch owners the opportunity to annually hunt in trophy areas that may otherwise take several years to draw a tag through the drawing process.  Note that Wyoming landowner tags are nontransferable and may only be used by the landowner or their immediate family.

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350" Wyoming Bull
350″ Wyoming Bull

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