Pole Mountain Ranch

Glenrock, Wyoming


Wyoming ranches for sale: Ever since the days of the Plains Indians, the Laramie Mountains of Wyoming have been known as a place of plenty. Abundant water, grass, and big game won these rugged mountains a special place in the hearts of the Cheyenne and Shoshone tribes and the settlers that followed. Today, the Pole Mountain Ranch, a few miles south of Glenrock, stands as a monument to what has historically made the Laramie Mountains so beloved.

Pole Mountain Ranch is 1,785 acres of the finest of the Laramie Mountains, filled with grassy meadows, Ponderosa pine forests, aspen groves, granite outcrops and stunning views. Located in the heart of one of the state’s finest elk units, elk hunting is second to none, but mule deer, bear, cougar and small game are also present in abundance. In addition, seven miles of two forks of Box Elder Creek offer wild trout fishing in surroundings little changed since the days of the fur trappers. Other recreational activities on site or on the adjacent National Forest such as horseback riding, mountain biking and rock climbing easily qualify Pole Mountain Ranch as one of the top large recreational ranches in the state.

Improvements on the ranch are meticulous and cater to those partial to “Western luxury.” The kingpin building is an 8000-square foot log and stone lodge, with seven bedrooms and eight baths to accommodate a large number of guests. Ranch owners enjoy the amazing views in a magnificent home near the lodge, and the original homestead cabin has four more bedrooms and has been maintained in immaculate condition.

Only about 45 minutes from Interstate 25 and the small community of Glenrock, and an hour from Casper, Wyoming’s second largest city, Pole Mountain Ranch is well-positioned to all goods and services. Those who visit the Laramie Mountains even once will understand the amazing allure of them, and will undoubtedly find it hard to argue that Pole Mountain Ranch captures the very best of grandeur and recreation that this still-untamed range offers.

Harrigan Land Company represented the buyer.

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