The benefits of owning ranch property in Wyoming

Investors searching for ranches for sale in the Rockies would do well to consider buying property in Wyoming

The Cowboy State is home to some incredible ranch real estate opportunities. It’s also a very business-friendly state that makes land ownership less of a burden. How so?

Of all the states in the West, only Alaska offers a friendlier tax environment for real estate investors. Wyoming’s lack of tax infrastructure means investors can enjoy all the benefits of land ownership without a massive tax bill due every year. 

Happy Jack Ranch, Wyoming

Minimal tax burden

When searching for ranches for sale in the Rockies, the benefits that come with a purchase in Wyoming will quickly add up. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Wyoming imposes a very low property tax rate of .61 percent
  • The state imposes a low 4-percent sales tax
  • Its fuel taxes come to $.24 a gallon (nearby states like Utah and Idaho impose gas taxes well over $.30 a gallon)
  • There is no state gift tax in Wyoming
  • There’s no state income tax or corporate tax (which is very appealing to investors with multiple properties
  • Wyoming doesn’t impose an excise tax or a real estate tax, and there’s no tax on mineral ownership
Harrower Ranch, Wyoming

Wide open spaces

In addition to the reduced tax burden in Wyoming, remember that the Cowboy State is the least-populated state in the country. It also possesses a significant amount of public lands. Of more than 62 million acres of land area, nearly half (just over 30 million acres) is owned by the federal government.

While that may not seem ideal, for investors in search of ranches for sale, it’s a wonderful scenario. Chances are, rural ranch real estate is going to border public lands. This gives ranch property owners unfettered access to public lands for things like backcountry hunting and fishing. 

Even better? With less than 600,000 year-round residents, ranch real estate owners will likely never encounter a traffic jam or have to worry about nosey neighbors. Wyoming remains unspoiled and untrammeled. Buyers in search of peace and quiet and interaction on their own terms should look for ranches for sale in Wyoming.

Haystack River Ranch, Wyoming

World-class recreation

Are you an investor interested in ranch real estate as a business opportunity? Or are you just looking for your next hunting and fishing retreat? Either way, Wyoming should make your list.

The state offers some of the best big-game hunting in the world. Hunters can chase mule deer, elk, moose, pronghorn and even mountain goats and bighorn sheep in Wyoming. And, as a Wyoming landowner, you’ll likely be eligible for landowner hunting tags

And, for avid anglers, Wyoming offers some of the best fishing for wild and native trout in the country. Its national forests, national parks and Bureau of Land Management acreage ensures uncrowded access for sporting opportunities. 

If you’re a skier looking for ranches for sale, Wyoming’s ski resorts are top-notch. They’re also within easy reach of just about any ranch property an investor might consider. 

Wyoming possesses some of the best off-road riding and snowmobile riding in the country. It also offers trail riding for backcountry equestrians. 

Simply put, it’s the best state to get away from it all. 

Sundance Ranch, Wyoming

Final word

From a low tax burden to uncrowded vistas, Wyoming offers something for every investor in search of ranches for sale. 

The state is very business-friendly. It also offers some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities in America. Because of its ample public lands, it offers incredible fish and game habitat. That means it offers sportsmen and women some of the best hunting and fishing anywhere.

If you’re in the market for a ranch for sale, consider Wyoming, and make sure you’re working with a broker who knows the state

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