The benefits of selling with a small ranch broker

Investors and owners who are preparing to list their ranches for sale face a challenging process. But, with the right ranch broker, it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

First things first. Ranch investors need to find a broker who can guide them through the process and find the right buyer for their ranch. It can be tempting to just do a quick web search and contact the largest brokerage. But, before “going big” with a large brokerage, consider the benefits of choosing to do business with a smaller brokerage.

The pros of choosing a small brokerage to sell your ranch property

  • Smaller brokerages are often more tuned in to local trends and more knowledgeable when it comes to ranch property. This is particularly true in the Rocky Mountain West, where the markets vary greatly from state to state. 
  • Sellers and investors enjoy a closer relationship with their agent when employing a small brokerage. An agent with a smaller brokerage is more hands-on. They work on every aspect of the sale, from marketing, preparation and even presentation. 
  • Smaller brokerages can adapt faster to changing market conditions, technological advances and the needs of their clients. It may take years for a larger brokerage firm to implement new tech. A smaller, more nimble firm can make such transitions in just a few weeks. 
  • Larger brokerages are often impersonal. Sellers and investors trying to get in touch with an agent might have to navigate an annoying automated phone system and end up leaving a voicemail. Smaller brokerages are simply more available to clients. And their agents answer their phones.
  • Agents for small brokerages that focus on ranch property transactions generally live in smaller, rural communities and understand the associated lifestyle. They hunt and fish and enjoy the rural lifestyle and understand its appeal. An agent with a larger brokerage might have urban and suburban clients clamoring for attention. This pulls their focus away from the unique aspects of marketing and selling ranch and rural acreage. Being able to communicate with a brokerage that understands the rural lifestyle is an under appreciated asset.

Often, smaller is better

Some investors and sellers are of the mind that smaller brokerages aren’t as successful as larger, big-name firms. Truth be told, just because a ranch property broker is smaller than a giant real estate firm owned by a Wall Street hedge fund doesn’t mean the smaller option isn’t the right option. For investors or sellers, the smaller brokerage option is usually the better option. Why? Because that’s all the smaller brokerage does. It puts buyers and sellers of rural, ranch property together. No New York City board meetings, no lists of shareholders clamoring for dividends. No out-of-touch board of directors. Just buyers, sellers and land. Simple as that.

Sure, a bigger, corporate brokerage might have a big-picture understanding of a large real estate transaction. But a smaller brokerage with “boots on the ground” in the Rockies employs agents who truly understand how business gets in the rural West. When it comes to a big vs. a small brokerage for a ranch transaction, look at what each firm does best. 

Often, investors and sellers are better off choosing a smaller brokerage where quality is more valued than quantity. A focused real estate team means agents are more in touch, both with their clients’ needs and with local and regional market conditions. It also means that every transaction is overseen by a dedicated broker. Investors and sellers won’t just be passed on to a paper pusher while the brokerage goes about working up its next real estate deal. 

The bottom line?

Sellers and investors who want to get the most out of their ranch property are generally better off choosing a brokerage that is smaller. Smaller brokers are intimately involved in transactions involving large acreage and ranches. Remember, bigger doesn’t always mean better. When it comes to selling a ranch, it’s the smaller brokerage that possesses the expertise to achieve the best results.

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