La Sal Ranch

Moab, Utah

La Sal Ranch would make a superb base for a hunting operation, with fishing as an adjunct attraction. An exclusive recreational ranch or corporate retreat would be a great fit as well, given the array of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby.

Acres: 1878


Acres: 1878

Hunting, Fishing, Cattle, and Horse Properties

When purchasing a ranch, it’s important to know the type of operation you plan to run on your land ahead of time. This way, you can find a ranch that is already set-up, or has the space to be, for your successful business.

In Utah, your ranch business opportunities are virtually endless. With it’s blended terrain, you can choose to operate one or several businesses at the same time. Purchase a stunning large-acreage land in the mountains of Utah, and escape the hunting pressure and overfishing problems of public land. A hunting ranch in Utah guarantees trophy game right at your doorstep, and you won’t need to be concerned about other hunters in the area.

The same goes for fishing. A fishing ranch with a lake or river running through the property will allow you to fish at your leisure. Gone will be the days of fighting over the best fishing spots. With your own Utah fishing ranch, every spot is your spot.

Livestock is also one of the largest economic commodities in the western region of the U.S. A cattle ranch in the heart of Utah stands to make an impressive profit. You can also choose to run a horse ranch and choose between boarding horses or offering trail rides to the throngs of tourists that pass through Utah each year.

Alternative Profitability

With your own Utah ranch, you not only stand to see a decent income from the business you choose to run on the land, but the land itself is also a highly desirable alternative form of investment. Rather than investing your money in risky, government or publicly owned stocks and bonds, you can invest your money in your own land.

As time goes on, the land you own will appreciate, so that when, or if, you ever decide to sell your ranch, you can set your selling price higher than your original purchase price. You can leave your family with the legacy ranch of your dreams and the opportunity to sell for a high price if there is ever a need.

Harrigan’s Promise

As we said, our agency was born and raised in the west, and we have years of ranch real estate experience in the area. We know the right questions to ask during the purchasing process to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible for your money. Things like water rights and property lines can be tricky when it comes to owning land, and we’ll be sure to help you understand every asterisk and all of the fine print on your land agreement before you sign.

Utah Is Waiting

Stop dreaming of owning your own ranch in Utah, and contact us today to help make it a reality. Our team is excited to help you find the legacy ranch of your dreams, and thrush us when we say it will be worth it.

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