Want to Add Horse Facilities to any Colorado Ranch?

Large hunting and fishing ranches in Colorado can be even more versatile by adding horse facilities. Take just one of our big Western Colorado ranches for sale, a big game hunting ranch with enviable water access. Two miles of Leroux Creek and Cow Creek pass through. Not only will equestrian facilities expand the income potential of a ranch here, but horses could be the reason family and friends stop by.

What minimal equestrian needs must be met to make a ranch horse friendly? Comfort is top priority at horse ranches. So, examine the lay of the land, study the climate, and learn about potential improvements. For a larger horse operation, you’ll also want to consider access to a veterinarian, ranch hands, and trainers to get it done right.

5 Must-Haves to Add Horses to Colorado Ranches

To develop an equestrian center, you’ll need a basic barn or anything as large as a professional arena. You choose. But let’s talk about the bare minimum spaces you’ll need to set aside for your horses.

    1. Fencing and paddocks (not barbed wire) to secure the horses
    2. Water supply to provide each horse 5 to 10 gallons of good clean water every day
    3. Horse Stables and Barn with storage, tack room, feed room, washroom
    4. Manure pile, upwind from housing
    5. Pasture for grazing and exercise

Sample Colorado Recreational Ranch for Sale

Ridge Creek Ranch nestles at 7500 feet in the North Fork of the Gunnison Valley next to the 11,000 foot Grand Mesa. Known for its trophy hunting and Idyllic flyfishing waters, this southwestern Colorado getaway features an 11,000-square-foot luxury lodge. Open timber construction and nine guest suites with wonderful spaces for entertaining turn this into an unforgettable destination.

Here’s a 1700-acre Colorado ranch that horse lovers may really like. Set in the foothills, Ridge Creek Ranch begs for more status as a fine horse ranch.

Walls of windows offer views in every direction–San Juan Mountains, Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park. Wouldn’t it be grand to add horse stables somewhere upwind from this fantastic ranch lodge? Horses would add to the year round recreational activities. Oh, for cool summer rides off into the sunset to complement winter trips to Powderhorn Ski Resort or Aspen!

Will Natural Elements Welcome Horses?

How will you know if this is a good place for horses? Don’t add equestrian facilities to any Colorado property until you do a bit of research. Since every ranch is different, if you’re new to horse ranches, consult with experienced Colorado real estate agents, people familiar with the outdoors and mountain ranch properties.

One size does not fit all. Start by investigating the climate. Can horses handle extreme weather, let’s say, in the highest elevations? Also, is the location and geography friendly to horses? Are there water sources for pasture? Fully explore the ranch’s ecosystem and geography. Horses do not do well with steep slopes, sharp tree branches, rocky or slimy soil.


Ranches for sale in Colorado come with unique geography–from the high desert and red rock canyons to lush river corridors to snow-capped mountains. And Colorado features existing horse ranches. But if you have your eye on a big hunting or fishing ranch or vacant acreage and would like to add equestrian activities, we help this information adds value to your planning.

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